Being a member of the white Eagle Lodge opens up opportunities to join in with like-minded people from all walks of life—expanding the options of service are both physical and spiritual and can be a nurturing and inspiring experience. 

Joining in can be in person or by linking in from a distance. Being a member is an easy way of saying ‘I feel in harmony with White Eagle’s work’.

Once you have become a member you can link with other members both in the UK and worldwide.

You will also gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of White Eagle’s teachings and the support it can give you and others.

Membership offers you:-

  • Access to the Members' website - talks, more teachings and courses.
  • Opportunities to attend more 5-day retreats.
  • Members' Wisdom School correspondence courses.
  • Members' magazine, Stella Polaris, with articles, teaching, letters and meditations.
  • Stella Polaris on CD.
  • Opportunies to extend your healing service.
  • The Monday Thought from White Eagle each week.
  • Your membership helps us ensure the White Eagle teachings are widely available.

Membership Forms