Jane Lewis writes: 'The sun in Taurus is a good time to reflect upon the deeper meaning of Uranus which is in this sign between 2019 and 2026. White Eagle refers to Uranus as the light-bringing planet whose function is to illuminate truth in the minds of mankind in order to dispel the darkness of the old age from which we are emerging. Two thousand years ago the Age of Pisces heralded an era of mysticism and the life of Jesus the Christ demonstrated Ancient Perennial Wisdom which he re-enacted once again on the world stage as a mystery drama, thereby showing the path which Everyman (and woman!) must follow in order to be born a ‘second time’ into his/her own divinity. Whilst Pisces is about mysticism and spirituality, under the influence of Neptune however its negative potential can easily obfuscate matters, making it hard to think straight, and worse still intentionally deceive. In contrast, Uranus is associated with sudden flashes of insight and can give clarity of understanding: Uranus reveals truth that has been hitherto hidden. For this reason, the mind of mankind is now being strongly developed, and the Aquarian Age will be essentially a scientific one, and this must be balanced with the fiery love aspect, symbolised by the heart of Leo.

Uranus is also the ‘astrologer’s planet’ and astrologers predicted that a tumultuous change would occur in the first half of this decade and expected chaotic crisis to strike which would clarify humanity’s true relationship to the earth. Covid is evidently the outer vehicle and agent for this. Uranus is helping to dispel the darkness of past centuries in which first theological and then scientific-materialist concepts have led us down an illusory path and twisted our understanding in making us believe that we could flourish by adopting policies of domination and exploitation. There was inevitably to be a revolution in the way we understood the world, calling for us to radically re-envision earth sciences and economic philosophy.

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Patricia Godden writes: 'Venus moves into Taurus on 14th April, followed by Mercury then the Sun on 19th of the month. Our senses are stimulated by the beauty of the physical world as spring unfolds its full glory. As Venus is associated with both beauty and values, we may spend some time looking at the beauty of nature and appreciating those things we value.

Mars in Gemini is trine Jupiter in Aquarius for the next three weeks and Pluto aspects both planets for part of this time. It is a time of change and adjustment. There is a great desire to connect and communicate with other people in society. In the UK, this ties in with the next step in easing the restrictions of lockdown. On 15th -16th April, the Sun in Aries is midway between Mars and Jupiter, shining spiritual light on our endeavours to connect with people again. As the Sun is in a fire sign and Mars and Jupiter are both in air signs, it could be thought of as breathing love into all of our interactions.

However, we are not completely free of all restrictions yet. From 14th – 24th April Saturn in Aquarius forms a sesquiquadrate to Mars in Gemini, limiting freedom through the need for continued social responsibility. Frustration felt at this time is also linked to the semisquare between Mars and Uranus in Taurus. These are mildly tense aspects. It may take effort to be patient and bide our time until all restrictions can be lifted but, characteristic of the thoroughness of Saturn, if we stick to the rules, it will be worthwhile in the end. Some people will be quite happy to follow the rules but there could be some who are irritated by them and want to break away. Patience and willingness to let things unfold in their own time can be beneficial.

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Patricia Godden writes: 'At the beginning of this period, there are several planetary interactions:

- a conjunction between Mercury and Neptune in Pisces

- a sextile from Mercury to Pluto in Capricorn

- a conjunction between the Sun, Venus and Chiron in Aries.

These interactions indicate that kindness and compassion could feature during talks and have a powerful impact in transforming issues concerning establishments and organisations. When love is used in dealing with questions of self-worth, much can be achieved.

These planetary connections can also be interpreted as the power of communication with the deepest part of ourselves. In recognising our divine nature we can become aware of the indestructibility of spirit.

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Jane Lewis writes: 'The sun reaching Aries at the spring equinox marks a great turning point in the natural year and also for the human soul. It symbolises awakening into greater awareness of the human condition which is that every person is both human and divine. This growing realisation is likened to the sun rising over the eastern horizon, and this is why Easter is celebrated shortly after. This sacred truth was passed down to the Christian Church from much earlier roots which go back at least to ancient Egyptian times.

The Aries point marks the horizontal axis of the four-armed Cross of Matter within the Circle of Spirit. At this place of intersection where sky touches earth, mutable water meets cardinal fire, and Spirit and Matter converge where the Fishes meet the Ram. Here the separative, duality-consciousness of the lesser mortal makes a giant leap, like a salmon up-stream, and knows for fact that All is One. A great and epic journey must be undertaken to reach this point of Self-Realisation, a journey so immense that it demands many human lifetimes, an odyssey fit for the heroes we can all become.

Over many cycles the soul must depart celestial realms and take form in a new physical body, symbolised by the sun setting below the horizon at the autumn equinox. The newly incarnated soul then enters the darkness of the underworld and unknowingly picks up the threads of its past journeys through this dark realm, forgetting the heavenly home it has just left and its many previous lives. Birth into physical matter is represented by the autumn equinox, the fall, the cusp of Libra and Virgo. The soul re-commences its underworld adventures through Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus and Aries until it reaches the spring equinox point when it can be born for a second time into eternal life. For the unenlightened soul, the journey from the fall to spring takes the soul through the land of the living dead, for in that state of consciousness the lesser human mind dominates, and sleep-walks through the illusive state of maya, still convinced that the three-dimensional reality of the physical world is all there is, mistaking terrestrial existence for the real and causative world which is in Spirit.

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Patricia Godden writes: 'The Sun, Venus and Neptune are close together in Pisces on 15th March. Neptune rules Pisces and Venus is in exaltation in this sign. Mercury moves into Pisces later that day. With four planets in Pisces, there is an emphasis on the sensitive and intuitive side of human nature. It is a time when the subtle energies of life can be felt more easily so the imagination may seem stronger and could be expressed through creative activities such as art, writing or storytelling. Some people may enjoy a quiet time of inner reflection or meditation.

A semisextile between Neptune in the water sign of Pisces and Jupiter in the air sign of Aquarius from 15th - 27th March suggests that, with a bit of effort, there can be a harmonious blending of the emotions and thoughts. At this time, our mind can help us understand our feelings. We can integrate what we notice with our physical senses with what we perceive with the finer senses. This can allow a rational appreciation of insights and inner impressions.

There is a lot more going on with this aspect than meets the eye. Neptune relates to transcending boundaries, not only physical boundaries but also those between the seen and invisible worlds. Jupiter in Aquarius strives for new inspiration, humanitarian ideals and a better world for all life. The combined interaction of these planets is bringing a gentle, almost insidious change in society. It can be seen in more people being sympathetic to the difficulties and challenges experienced by other people in the community and other parts of the world and subsequently wanting to do something about it. This can be achieved with the proactive energy for transformation of Pluto, which is still in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn, stimulating the urge to break down worn out systems in order that new ways of life can emerge.

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