Patricia Godden writes: 'Mercury has been retrograde in Scorpio since 15th October bringing opportunities to look at what we think about much more deeply. At this time of major changes in the evolution of humanity, this deep, inner work is necessary for the voice of our spirit to be expressed. It is not always comfortable but vital for growth.

At the beginning of the last week of October, retrograde Neptune in Pisces is semisextile retrograde Mars in Aries. While a semisextile is a harmonious aspect, it requires effort to make the most of it. There could be benefits from integrating the dynamic and courageous energy of Mars into endeavours to be kind and compassionate. At a deeper level, there can be much inner work going on to access the more spiritual sides of ourselves. Although this is a minor aspect, it expresses so much of what is going on in life at present. Humanity is in the process of a major shift in consciousness from being predominantly materialistic and self-centred to considering others and the spiritual side of life.

On 28th October retrograde Mercury moves from Scorpio back into Libra and Venus also moves into Libra, where it is in dignity. These planets will be semisextile for a short time during which we can consciously work with the planetary energies to bring greater harmony into our interactions with other people. Both planets stay in Libra, although not in aspect, until 10th November. We can use this time to enhance understanding in our relationships. Understanding and harmony are fundamental to the peace that is linked with Libra.At the full Moon on 31st October, the Moon is in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio. The Moon is exactly conjunct Uranus. It is worth looking at these factors individually to be able to understand how profound their interaction can be. The Sun in Scorpio is associated with the soul lesson of peace through love and with transformation. The Moon is in exaltation in Taurus so it can manifest its spiritual energies most easily. Uranus represents the lightening flash of truth. Taurus is linked with our values. Together, this suggests that this full Moon provides a window for transformation, to leave the past behind and open our eyes to more meaningful values that better serve humanity at its current stage of development.

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Patricia Godden writes: 'At the beginning of the second week of October, Mercury in Scorpio is opposite retrograde Uranus in Taurus. Deep and profound thoughts could be at odds with novel ideas and concepts that relate to the practicalities of life. While this can lead to some tension, there is also the potential to make unusual associations that could open up a way forward.

During the second week of October, retrograde Mars in Aries is square Pluto in Capricorn. A lot of energy may be put into bringing about changes that have been considered over the months that Pluto was retrograde. Our desires and will may be at variance with profound changes that are happening in life. Moderating actions may be more productive than rash or impetuous deeds. As retrograde Mars is trine to the south node of the Moon in Sagittarius and sextile to the north node of the Moon in Gemini, there are opportunities to integrate wisdom from the past into everyday communication in order to find a way through current challenges.

There is a sextile between Jupiter in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces during the second and third weeks of October. As Jupiter is the planet of optimism, opportunity and expansion, and Neptune the planet of vision and transcending boundaries, there could be opportunities to go beyond what has been done before and incorporate spiritual ideals into the structures of everyday life.

Mercury goes retrograde three times every year, each time for about three weeks. These periods are essential to allow a deeper, inner level of thinking and for new thoughts to emerge from the subconscious. Mercury goes retrograde on 15th October in the water element of Scorpio. This gives us the opportunity to think more deeply about our emotional responses and behaviours. Could we make life more peaceful by changing how we react to situations?

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Jane Lewis writes: With the Sun’s ingress into Scorpio we detect a change of energy from air into water. Having seen both sides of the argument in Libra, we nose-dive into the deeply personal world of emotion rooted in subconscious fears and insecurities which give rise to irrational struggles for power through the influence of Pluto and Mars. Scorpio’s twin and opposite sign unavoidably brings into play the themes, issues and challenges of Taurus too.

Glancing back at Libra, whose glyph ♎ suggested the sun above rising over the earth below, we reflected on the symmetry between heavenly and man-made laws. As we come under Mars and Pluto’s influence in Scorpio we may quake at the thought of that fearful symmetry because of the natural karmic outworking of those laws generated by our own past actions, individually and nationally. We might well be fearful and act defensively in an attempt to protect ourselves and hold onto what we’ve got. 2020 has been a cruel year for many as we’ve witnessed the massed forces of Mars, Pluto and Saturn working together with Jupiter in the sign of its fall, Capricorn.

It is important to remember, though, that the planets do not cause anything at all. Rather, it is the Supreme Being which the Sun symbolises that is the Source and Origin of all, the Divine Cause. By this we do not mean the physical sun we see in the sky which is simply the outer radiation of the far greater Spiritual Being behind it which generates that radiance. The physical planets are like physical limbs of the Sun Being, each physical ball of rock or mass of gas being simply the outer form of an inner conscious being we call planetary angels, all of them acting under the orders of Supreme High Command. It’s better to think of the planets as agents, let’s say law enforcing agencies of the Supreme Being from which issue the immutable laws that of life.

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Jane Lewis writes: 'Over our many incarnations, we are given infinite opportunities to experience everything possible in order to gain knowledge about the whole of life, about the All. As the sun moves to the equinox point of the year, (it entered cardinal air sign Libra on 22nd September), we reach a point of balance when hours of day light equal hours of darkness. Libra’s symbol is the Scales, Venus is its ruler and there is a close link with Saturn, the Lord of Karma, which is exalted in this sign. Libra is also associated with the seventh house of the horoscope, the house of marriage, partnership and relationship. In a sense, the balance of day and night time hours is suggestive of a harmonious balance between the Sun and Earth, giving a nod to the perfect marriage between heaven and earth.

The sun in Libra this month draws our attention not to what we need and want, but on others. Now the Sun is opposite the spring equinox sign Aries which, at the lower level, is more about me and mine than you and yours. Libra is about duality which sets up a relationship between the polarity of two opposing positions, this automatically creating a third point of relationship in between, the balance point of the scales. For this reason, Libra and the 7th house concern mediation. And so Libra is not just about being more aware and tolerant of others, of ‘you’, but centres attention on us and ours, on the collective All.
As the cardinal air sign, Libra gives rational distance and objectivity. From its airy vantage point we have an opportunity to view things in a less personal and self-concerned way, we can stand back with greater detachment to consider things in a more balanced, rational and logical way, appreciating what is fair and just.

The scales in question are the Scales of Justice, Libra being very much about legal matters. Humanity has to learn about all the laws that govern our existence so that we can live in a balanced state of peace, harmony and beauty. This dual sign reminds us of the hermetic axiom “as above, so below”. Therefore, this month is a good time to remind ourselves about what those laws are: lower laws and higher laws, manmade and god-given, physical and metaphysical, earthly and universal.

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