Patricia Godden writes: On 11th June, all of the planets are in just over one half of the zodiac. This has happened several times over the last few months. For twelve days after 14th June, the Moon sweeps over the other half of the zodiac, opposing each of the planets in the same way as it has done in recent months. While this is not unusual in itself, it brings emphasis on the role the Moon plays in our lives, highlighting our emotions, habits, behaviours and sense of security. After the recent solar eclipse in Gemini, we may be more concerned with our thoughts and connections with others. However, the Moon represents our psyche and soul so the eclipse and passage of the Moon over the coming days illumines the importance of integrating all aspects of our being: thoughts and feelings, soul and spirit.

On 14th June, the ongoing square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus becomes exact for the second time this year. On this occasion, Saturn is retrograde so there may be re-examination of rules and regulations. With so many new rules imposed on people during the highly unusual circumstances of the last fifteen months, many people are ready for them to be reviewed. This may be done nationally but we can also look at our own lives and the ‘rules’ or routines that we have developed. We may choose to keep those that continue to serve us but we may decide to change those we have outgrown. There is plenty of opportunity to think about this while Mercury is retrograde, which it is until 23rd June.

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Patricia Godden writes: 'During the last week of May, there are three events all involving the sign of Gemini:

1. a lunar eclipse on 26th May. Although this date has passed, the energy of a lunar eclipse lasts for several months. As this eclipse was across the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, wisdom from the past can be integrated into everyday affairs.

2. the nodes of the Moon, currently across the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, were stationary at the time of the lunar eclipse. There can be greater determination and staying-power when the nodes are stationary.

3. Mercury in Gemini stations on 29th May prior to going retrograde on 31st May. This can be unsettling and attention may be turned from outward to inward consciousness.

Gemini is associated with brotherhood through wisdom and it is the need for wisdom that is being brought to our attention in these three different ways. While the nodes of the Moon spend much of their orbit retrograde, they have periods when they are direct and this is the case for much of the time until 9th June. It is not by chance that this coincides with the first half of Mercury’s retrograde phase. These events work together to offer humanity a significant opportunity to re-think, re-view, re-assess and re-consider what has been going on, not just in recent times, but events and actions in the past.

To begin with, such reassessment might be more at an inner level, involving thoughts and feelings. This is characteristic of the time around a lunar eclipse and the months that follow. Later, as will be seen below, changes may be more at the outer level.

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Jane Lewis writes: 'The sun in Gemini gives rise to thought. The air signs are essentially about Wisdom and relate to the development of the mental body, not just of mankind but of other forms including the planets themselves. It is the capacity to think that distinguishes us from the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms and permits us to become fully human through unfolding our innate divine potential. The mind is the vital link between our lower animal and higher spiritual bodies. It enables us to transition from being mere mortals encased in a coffin of flesh to become mortal-immortals, complete with wings to soar into the very heart of the Son. For this reason, Gemini is one of the human symbols of the zodiac, the twin brothers, one representing the mortal and the other the immortal self, showing mankind’s eventual destiny to marry both sides of our nature. None of the air signs is symbolled by animals, nor mutable earth Virgo the Virgin in whose sign Mercury is exalted. Gemini’s opposite sign Sagittarius, mutable fire, is animal in its lower part but thrusts upwards to become fully human and divine.

Gemini is the sign of twoness, duality and multiplicity, and its glyph depicts this as two pillars forming a doorway. Everyday life presents with endless opportunities to enter through different doorways as we thread our way through a labyrinth of corridors in search of answers about its meaning and purpose. Life is like a house, or mansion, containing many rooms on many floors, and we need to learn how to find our way around and avoid getting stuck in a box room somewhere in the basement. We must also know that it is necessary to first knock, and to receive the correct training so that the spiritual promise of seeking and finding, and then knocking and gaining admittance might be realised. In order to equip ourselves for this task we must be properly schooled, but not all schools make these teachings available, some reserving knowledge for a select few, many denying that such a mansion exists at all, and others insisting that there is only one doorway that leads into one temple, their own.

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Patricia Godden writes: 'Several aspects are of significance at the beginning of the period covered by this update. Jupiter in the last degree of Aquarius is square to the Sun in Taurus and Venus in Gemini. There is still the ongoing square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. By 13th May, Jupiter is also sesquiquadrate to Mars in Cancer. At the outer level, these aspects suggest there could be excessive optimism about the increased opportunities for more social interactions. Feelings could be strong but, at the same time, there is continued awareness of responsibility to the community. At a deeper level, it feels as if people are becoming more mindful of their role within society and building stronger foundations for the society of the future.

For a few days, there is a configuration called a yod between Mars, Saturn and the south node of the Moon. Mercury in Gemini is close to the north node of the Moon. In the light of past wisdom, it could be possible to stabilise the emotions, rather than suppress them. For all that there could be so many new and different ideas, common sense prevails and carefully made plans can be formulated. By integrating the intuition with logical thinking, these ideas and plans can be used in service within established organisations. While this might call for some adaptation, it could be looked upon as part of the ongoing transformation from the old situation that had outworn its usefulness to a new condition that is in line with the current stage of evolution of humanity.

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Patricia writes: 'The most noticeable feature of the horoscope on 28th April is the satellitium in Taurus. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus are all within eleven degrees in this sign. They are also all square to Saturn in Aquarius. Very simply, this planetary configuration suggests the builder of brotherhood, determined and persevering, not giving up until the true work is completed. While much building is going on at the physical level, there is always work on building the soul temple, not only of individual people but also of communities, humanity and the brotherhood of all life.

Harmonious aspects between Saturn in Aquarius and Chiron in Aries as well as the nodes of the Moon across the Gemini-Sagittarius axis suggest that wisdom from the past can be incorporated into what humanity is currently striving to do in order to sort out fundamental issues of being. As we come out of lockdown, many people are beginning to experience how the changes that have gone on in their lives during the periods of restriction, can be opening up new avenues for them. This might be at the outer level through making further changes but it can also be through taking a different approach in dealing with life’s challenges and opportunities. This is also associated with a semisextile between Jupiter and Pluto.

Pluto begins its yearly retrograde period on 29th April. After the intense changes experienced last year, which forced many people into a completely different way of life, we have an opportunity to look at those changes again, this time in a gentler, less dramatic way. We might find deeper significance in what has happened or decide to make further adjustments in the ongoing process of change. A probing mind can go beneath the superficial levels of issues to understand them better. We may reach an enhanced appreciation of relationships, not only with those close to us but also with all forms of life on Earth. In doing this, we may see how we can serve others more completely. What we have always done may still be appropriate but we may be able to serve better if we adjust what we do in some way. The beginning of May is an ideal time to reconsider service in its many forms.

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