Patricia Godden writes: 'Venus moves into Taurus on 14th April, followed by Mercury then the Sun on 19th of the month. Our senses are stimulated by the beauty of the physical world as spring unfolds its full glory. As Venus is associated with both beauty and values, we may spend some time looking at the beauty of nature and appreciating those things we value.

Mars in Gemini is trine Jupiter in Aquarius for the next three weeks and Pluto aspects both planets for part of this time. It is a time of change and adjustment. There is a great desire to connect and communicate with other people in society. In the UK, this ties in with the next step in easing the restrictions of lockdown. On 15th -16th April, the Sun in Aries is midway between Mars and Jupiter, shining spiritual light on our endeavours to connect with people again. As the Sun is in a fire sign and Mars and Jupiter are both in air signs, it could be thought of as breathing love into all of our interactions.

However, we are not completely free of all restrictions yet. From 14th – 24th April Saturn in Aquarius forms a sesquiquadrate to Mars in Gemini, limiting freedom through the need for continued social responsibility. Frustration felt at this time is also linked to the semisquare between Mars and Uranus in Taurus. These are mildly tense aspects. It may take effort to be patient and bide our time until all restrictions can be lifted but, characteristic of the thoroughness of Saturn, if we stick to the rules, it will be worthwhile in the end. Some people will be quite happy to follow the rules but there could be some who are irritated by them and want to break away. Patience and willingness to let things unfold in their own time can be beneficial.

During this time, there is the potential for new ideas to emerge and be put into practice. Quintiles from Saturn to the Sun and Mercury from 15th – 17th April indicate that, with care, new thoughts could be creative. The square between Mars in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces until 24th April is a further indication of the creative potential of this time even though it could take a certain amount of effort. By combining the activity of the mind with intuition we can transcend some of the limitations in physical life. This manifests in different ways for different people. Some people are looking forward to a foreign holiday when regulations allow that. Other people may endeavour to express more compassion, perhaps through active engagement in voluntary work. The limitations of physical life can also be transcended through imaginative art, musical composition and meditation.

Until 19th April, Uranus in Taurus is semisquare Neptune in Pisces; an aspect that has been going on since the middle of January. These two slow-moving, transpersonal planets are associated with sudden, unexpected events and slow, insidious changes, respectively. The aspect between these planets shows how humanity currently has opportunities to bring innovative new values into daily life. These values can relate to ways of showing kindness and compassion to other people as well as the plant and animal kingdoms. At a more subtle level, we can transcend the boundaries of what we perceive as truth in order to be open to spiritual truths and the ever-unfolding wisdom that is contained within each one of us.

Between the 23rd and 24th April, Mercury, Venus and Uranus are close together in Taurus and all of these planets are square to Saturn in Aquarius. We may be surprised by original or unusual thoughts and concepts that emerge. At this time, it can be beneficial to choose our words carefully so they say exactly what we want to convey in the kindest possible way. While this might not always be easy, it can help to ease the tension of the square aspects.

On the 23rd April, Mars moves into Cancer, where it is in fall. While the energy of the fiery planet is at odds with the water element of this sign, the direct drive of Mars is more compatible with the proactive, cardinal energy of Cancer. Mars in Cancer is associated with dealing with the feelings and how we use emotional energy. This energy can be channelled into caring and nurturing. Kind words can be a way of giving practical service, particularly when Mars is semisquare the Mercury-Venus conjunction in Taurus from 25th April until the end of the month.

Pluto stations on 27th April. It appears to stop moving forward in the heavens for a couple of days before it begins its yearly retrograde period on 29th April. Suppressed issues that become apparent while Pluto is stationary can be examined during its retrograde phase, allowing inherent wisdom deep within us to surface and effect profound transformation. By eliminating what is outworn, which could include old beliefs, behaviours or habits, the soul can make progress on its evolutionary path.

The Wesak full Moon is on 27th April. This is when the Sun in Taurus is opposite the Moon in Scorpio. The soul lessons of these two signs are, respectively, service through love and peace through love. In order to understand some of the deeper significance of this full Moon, it is worth looking at the astrology in more detail. Both signs are of the fixed quality so can show a great deal of determination. Taurus, often called the builder, works with the physical level of existence. Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is currently favourably place in dignity in this sign. Scorpio is the sign most associated with going into things deeply, of finding the hidden meaning, and can be linked to the mysteries of life. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto. On the day of the full Moon, Mars in Cancer makes harmonious aspects to both the Sun and the Moon. Pluto is currently semisextile Jupiter in Aquarius, the sign of brotherhood, and sextile Neptune in Pisces, a sign linked with visions and spirituality. As Pluto is stationary on this day, recent experiences are being examined in the light of its aspects to Jupiter and Neptune.

Putting all of this information together, the Wesak full Moon is a time when our intuition could be enhanced allowing deeper insights into the mysteries of life. Our awareness of the brotherhood of all levels of life may be greater. With the Sun being in the earth sign of Taurus, this extended appreciation of life can be brought down to earth and used in peaceful, loving service. Love, part of the soul lesson of both Taurus and Scorpio, is the energy of life. With the Sun and the Moon in these signs, we can strive to bring the love of the Creator into earthly manifestation in our everyday lives.

Keep well, stay happy.'