Patricia Godden writes: 'The Sun, Venus and Neptune are close together in Pisces on 15th March. Neptune rules Pisces and Venus is in exaltation in this sign. Mercury moves into Pisces later that day. With four planets in Pisces, there is an emphasis on the sensitive and intuitive side of human nature. It is a time when the subtle energies of life can be felt more easily so the imagination may seem stronger and could be expressed through creative activities such as art, writing or storytelling. Some people may enjoy a quiet time of inner reflection or meditation.

A semisextile between Neptune in the water sign of Pisces and Jupiter in the air sign of Aquarius from 15th - 27th March suggests that, with a bit of effort, there can be a harmonious blending of the emotions and thoughts. At this time, our mind can help us understand our feelings. We can integrate what we notice with our physical senses with what we perceive with the finer senses. This can allow a rational appreciation of insights and inner impressions.

There is a lot more going on with this aspect than meets the eye. Neptune relates to transcending boundaries, not only physical boundaries but also those between the seen and invisible worlds. Jupiter in Aquarius strives for new inspiration, humanitarian ideals and a better world for all life. The combined interaction of these planets is bringing a gentle, almost insidious change in society. It can be seen in more people being sympathetic to the difficulties and challenges experienced by other people in the community and other parts of the world and subsequently wanting to do something about it. This can be achieved with the proactive energy for transformation of Pluto, which is still in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn, stimulating the urge to break down worn out systems in order that new ways of life can emerge.

The Sun moves into Aries on 20th March where it is in exaltation. When any planet is in exaltation it can express its energy clearly, purely and in the best possible way. When the Sun is in Aries, it radiates light bringing new growth at the start of spring in the northern hemisphere. This is accompanied by a sense of hope of good things to come.

From 20th – 24th March, Mars in Gemini is trine to Saturn in Aquarius. For part of this time Mercury, the planet of the mind, is square Mars and semisextile to Saturn. These planetary interactions indicate that although there is more energy invigorating the mind and stimulating thought processes, these mental activities are also being held in check so they can be used wisely. There is also the potential for more communication between people, but that too is regulated. Mars then moves further away from the restricting energies of Saturn. From 25th – 28th March, Mars is conjunct the north node of the Moon, a significator of the way forward, and both are in Gemini. It really feels as if communication, connection and interactions with other people will become freer even if not completely unrestricted. This ties in closely with the projected date for changes in restrictions, at least in Britain. From 29th March it is expected that it will be easier for people to meet socially outdoors. The Sun will be shining in our hearts as we anticipate the joys of spring with renewed delight after the limitations of the last year.

At the full Moon on 28th March, the Moon is in Libra and the Sun in Aries. Venus, ruler of Libra, is also in Aries where it is in detriment and, along with Chiron, very close to the Sun. This is a time of balance between what we want to do as individuals in order to restore our sense of independence and autonomy in comparison with what we choose to do when we consider other people. Light is being shone on the beauty and harmony that is possible at this time. It feels like an end to the darkness and the beginning of a time of greater consideration for life as a whole. We are individuals within the whole, unique and original parts of the oneness of life.

For two days at the end of March, Mercury is conjunct Neptune, again indicating how sensitive and imaginative the mind can be. The mind is a powerful tool and, rather than being confused by thoughts we may not understand, we can choose to use the mind to create something beautiful. If we so wish, we can direct kind and compassionate thoughts to those around us and the environment, contributing to the wellbeing of all life.

Keep well, stay happy'