Patricia Godden writes: 'At the beginning of the period covered in this update, there is a strong emphasis on Aquarius as Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are in this sign. It can be a time of much mental activity and thinking of new ways to express individuality, freedom and how we can connect with other people. This is particularly noticeable after 4th March when Mars moves into Gemini, another air sign. Thoughts are turning to the joys of interacting with others when the restrictions of lockdown are gradually lifted.

After a prolonged period of varying levels of curtailment of liberty, there is a great desire to get out and about again. Some people think restrictions should be lifted quickly while others consider a more cautious approach is sensible. The difference in opinions reflects the ongoing square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus: between wanting to follow the rules versus wanting to break free. However, this is not so much a time of personal wants and desires but rather of still focussing on the needs of the community. Saturn in Aquarius indicates a great deal of social responsibility and respect not just for other people but also for the whole of life. Uranus in Taurus wants to break away from old values in order that new concepts for worldwide safety and well-being can emerge. Together, the actions of these planets offer tremendous potential to improve global conditions. This includes radical new ways of introducing equality into society, better welfare for all people and greater consideration for the environment. This may sound utopian but, with effort, it is possible. With Jupiter in Aquarius, there are plenty of opportunities to expand awareness outwards from ourselves towards the wider spectrum of life.

Chiron in Aries is semisextile Uranus in Taurus throughout March. This suggests that, with a bit of effort, there is the possibility of seeing the truth and higher meaning of what is currently going on and looking at what we need to do to resolve it. Chiron in Aries also relates to the search for self. The Chiron-Uranus aspect provides an opportunity to find out more about our true identity as spiritual beings living in a physical body.

Venus and Neptune are both harmoniously placed in Pisces: Venus is in exaltation and Neptune is in dignity. From 13th to 15th March, these planets are conjunct. There is a new Moon in Pisces on 13th March when both the Sun and Moon are not only conjunct in Pisces but also close to the Venus-Neptune conjunction. It is a time when we could find peace by going within. There can be a yearning to be at one with other people and the universe. We could be more aware of our feelings and the subtle realms of life. We may also feel more drawn to meditation and seeking unity with Source. This is a profound opportunity to balance life. After the focus on materiality during 2020 and the strong mental emphasis during February 2021, our feelings and intuition can now play a more significant role. By 15th March, the Moon will have moved on but Mercury will join the Sun, Venus and Neptune in Pisces providing openings for inner experiences to rise into conscious thought.

The south node of the Moon, an indicator of past experience, is currently in Sagittarius, the sign of honesty, freedom and wisdom gained through activities that expand the mind. The north node of the Moon, a pointer of what we are currently striving to achieve, is in Gemini, the sign associated with interactions in everyday life. The symbol of Gemini represents the two pillars of wisdom: the mind and the intuition. Wisdom across the ages and encompassing many parts of life is emphasised when the nodes of the Moon are across the Sagittarius-Gemini axis. Vesta, the asteroid associated with the eternal flame, the inner light, is currently in Virgo and square to both nodes of the Moon. This highlights the need to keep the eternal flame in our hearts burning brightly as we integrate wisdom of the past into our daily lives. This flame of unconditional love and infinite wisdom is deep within all of us.

Another asteroid is Juno. Juno symbolises relationships and how well the need to relate is integrated into the personality. Juno is currently in Sagittarius signifying the need to relate through a common belief system or philosophy. In the middle of March, Juno is square to both Venus and Neptune in Pisces suggesting a need to relate to others with kindness and gentleness, perhaps finding common ground in spiritual values.

With attention on the four mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, wisdom, particularly inner wisdom, can be a guiding light in our lives. The presence of the asteroids in two of these signs draws attention to feminine energies and inner, more subjective experiences. This brings balance to the outward focus of energy in the material world that has been so dominant in recent years. Life is often a question of balance, the inner world with the outer world, the feelings with the thoughts, the microcosm with the macrocosm. Gradually, we are learning how to integrate all aspects of our being so each of us can play our own vital and unique role in the vastness of cosmic life.

Keep well, stay happy.'