Patricia Godden writes: 'At the beginning of this period, there are several planetary interactions:

- a conjunction between Mercury and Neptune in Pisces

- a sextile from Mercury to Pluto in Capricorn

- a conjunction between the Sun, Venus and Chiron in Aries.

These interactions indicate that kindness and compassion could feature during talks and have a powerful impact in transforming issues concerning establishments and organisations. When love is used in dealing with questions of self-worth, much can be achieved.

These planetary connections can also be interpreted as the power of communication with the deepest part of ourselves. In recognising our divine nature we can become aware of the indestructibility of spirit.

The Sun-Venus-Chiron satellitium makes harmonious aspects to Saturn in Aquarius and the nodes of the Moon, which are across the Sagittarius-Gemini axis. There is the potential to integrate wisdom from the past into everyday affairs conscientiously and responsibly. Previous experience can help us as we cautiously start meeting people again and begin to be active in the outside world.

A quintile is an aspect that is seldom mentioned but can be a highly creative energy. There are two quintiles from 30th March until 13th April. The first is between Pluto in Capricorn and Chiron in Aries and the second between Jupiter in Aquarius and the south node of the Moon in Sagittarius. These provide opportunities to integrate previously gained insights and understanding into social awareness and humanitarian activities and, in so doing, can help to bring about evolution of consciousness. Such creative energy can take place on many levels ranging from the material to the spiritual; from the mundane, outer level of life to profound inner realisations.

Throughout the rest of 2021, the ongoing square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus indicates the time it is taking to bring about new and original ways to change society and the financial systems.

At the end of the first week in April, there are opportunities to be assertive in the nicest possible way while Venus in Aries is sextile Mars in Gemini. Mars then goes on to form a square to Neptune in Pisces, which lasts for a few days. Although much energy could be directed towards ideals and visions, care is needed to avoid muddle or confusion. Over the following week, aspects between Mars, Saturn and Uranus could lead to strain and tension. There is variance between the old order of things and a new one. Some people want change while other people resist it. Even as a new order is emerging, there is a difference between wanting to be sure that new concepts can be implemented systematically and wanting to try out anything that comes to mind. It is a time to be patient and resist irritation while appreciating that change needs to happen. Evolution takes place in divine time rather than according to any human timetable.

There are four planets: the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus, as well as Chiron, in Aries at the new Moon on 12th April. This emphasises the soul lesson of love in action. There is the potential for a gentle and loving energy to pervade the quick thinking and decisiveness of Mercury in Aries as well as the assertive qualities of this new Moon. This could help to steer actions towards fair and selfless outcomes.

By the end of the second week of April, Pluto in Capricorn is square to Mercury, the Sun and Venus, which are all in Aries. In addition, Pluto is quincunx to Mars. There is a strong energy to initiate change but it may take several different attempts to do so. Valuable lessons are learned with each attempt. Taking the time to listen to others could help the changes to be made more harmoniously. With Jupiter in Aquarius trine to Mars in Gemini and semisextile to Pluto, there will be plenty of opportunities for transformation. There will also be an abundance of ideas about how to do it.

The shape of the horoscope on 14th April resembles a bowl as all planets are in one half of the zodiac. The planets at the boundaries of the bowl, Mars and Pluto, are significant and another indication that a lot of energy is being directed towards change and transformation. There have been a lot of changes as old systems have broken down. We are now in a phase where new systems are being conceived and created. For instance, a number of companies are thinking of letting some of their staff work at home, at least for part of the week. That concept would have been dismissed a few years ago but is now welcomed by many people, particularly those with children of school age who have experienced the advantages of working from home during lockdown. With both Jupiter and Saturn currently in Aquarius, we can look forward to other new ideas knowing that they will be thoroughly tested before being implemented.

Keep well, stay happy.'