Jane Lewis writes: 'The sun in Taurus is a good time to reflect upon the deeper meaning of Uranus which is in this sign between 2019 and 2026. White Eagle refers to Uranus as the light-bringing planet whose function is to illuminate truth in the minds of mankind in order to dispel the darkness of the old age from which we are emerging. Two thousand years ago the Age of Pisces heralded an era of mysticism and the life of Jesus the Christ demonstrated Ancient Perennial Wisdom which he re-enacted once again on the world stage as a mystery drama, thereby showing the path which Everyman (and woman!) must follow in order to be born a ‘second time’ into his/her own divinity. Whilst Pisces is about mysticism and spirituality, under the influence of Neptune however its negative potential can easily obfuscate matters, making it hard to think straight, and worse still intentionally deceive. In contrast, Uranus is associated with sudden flashes of insight and can give clarity of understanding: Uranus reveals truth that has been hitherto hidden. For this reason, the mind of mankind is now being strongly developed, and the Aquarian Age will be essentially a scientific one, and this must be balanced with the fiery love aspect, symbolised by the heart of Leo.

Uranus is also the ‘astrologer’s planet’ and astrologers predicted that a tumultuous change would occur in the first half of this decade and expected chaotic crisis to strike which would clarify humanity’s true relationship to the earth. Covid is evidently the outer vehicle and agent for this. Uranus is helping to dispel the darkness of past centuries in which first theological and then scientific-materialist concepts have led us down an illusory path and twisted our understanding in making us believe that we could flourish by adopting policies of domination and exploitation. There was inevitably to be a revolution in the way we understood the world, calling for us to radically re-envision earth sciences and economic philosophy.

As Lockdown restrictions have now started to ease in the UK people are rejoicing over the return to a semblance of normality and are cautiously enjoying seeing friends and loved ones again. After a honeymoon period of renewed freedom, however, it is critical that we don’t simply revert back to the bad old ways. We need to retain new habits and embed the lessons we have learned about protecting the natural environment, honouring the land and the earth’s resources so that we cultivate our global garden sustainably by using innovatory science and technology.

Taurus symbolises the land itself, the homes we build and the way we earn a living from the earth whose natural abundance we must appreciate and cultivate responsibly. Taurus is the sign of land use, farming, homes and gardens; about money, economics, jobs and finance. Ruled as it is by Venus, Taurus in its negative aspect is driven by the lower desire nature and is naturally inclined towards laziness, greed and self-indulgence. It is through this influence that mankind in the lower animal stage of development is materially acquisitive and happily gratifies bodily desires through the sweat and toil of other peoples’ hard labour, such that the ‘consuming’ part of the population gorges to excess, grows fat and decadent whilst the ‘fodder’ is squeezed dry and chewed up.

Uranus in Taurus is calling for us to regenerate our lower desire nature and raise our consciousness so we might see the wisdom of laying foundations on higher standards which calls for a more aspirational economic philosophy. It is time to cultivate ‘our garden’, our Earth Mother, in a sustainable way which will allow her to bless all creation with her natural abundance.

Uranus can help humanity choose those new foundation stones which can assure the future wealth of nations in truly more enlightened times. Adam Smith (born 1723) was a Scottish moral philosopher and pioneer of what has become today’s outworn economic ideology. Known as the ‘father’ of capitalism and economics, he recognised that human greed and self-interest were the main drivers of economic growth, and for the last three centuries, first through the agrarian and then the industrial revolutions, an ever-growing number of nations have adopted that model for their own political economies based on these lowest animal instincts. Uranus is now bringing a time of opportunity when we can re-model our economic footings and build a world on values that seek to express the higher principles of Venus. If we base economic life on good desires which seek to share the earth’s abundant resources with care, skill, good ‘husbandry’ and practicality we can expect our earth garden to bear sweeter-tasting fruit. Pluto going into Capricorn the day before fateful Black Friday in 2008 was seen as the beginning of the end of outworn economic ideologies, most conspicuously capitalism. This death process concludes in 2024 when Pluto moves into Aquarius, and it is hoped that something better will be ushered in by then through the agency of Uranus in Taurus.

Having groped our way down a blind alley over the last three centuries we are currently facing the karmic consequences of a base policy. The truth of its failure is born out by the fact that despite the huge growth of material wealth on the surface of things, the source of our wealth, the Earth, is now dying. By far the greatest concentration of wealth is owned by a very small part of the population; and even in developed nations the number of hungry, homeless and destitute people is greater than ever. At its worst, Taurus knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing, and it is therefore time to consign the bean-counters to the compost heap of history.

Adam Smith is an interesting name with respect to our topic. Taurus rules the throat through which we speak, and more fundamentally, gives voice to The Word. The seed vibration of Creation itself is sounded there and the unmanifested spirit acquires archetypal form from which physical matter is birthed, literally through sound vibration, which is also music and rhythm. The Bible re-states the already ancient Creation story which, through the poetic truth-bearing vehicle of myth, informs us that it is Adam in the Garden of Eden who learns to distinguish between the different creatures by giving each their own name. Adam is the archetypal androgenous man, whose complementary equivalent is Eve. As archetypal gardeners, they cultivate the earthly orchard in which grows the apple tree whose five-petalled rose blossom emerges from the pentagonal seed-womb of Venus.

Whilst Smith is the commonest English surname (also found in other languages such as Schmidt in German for example) in the language of myth it symbolises a magician who must know how to correctly recite the ancient rune, or song, in order to control the lethal powers of cold iron. Smith is analogous with a shaman whose poetic and divinatory abilities allow him to fly up and down the world axis and move between the three domains of upper, middle and under worlds. In folklore, the shaman-smith held the knowledge of how to beat a drum at the right time, or rhythm. The drum’s cover had to come from a specific hide of a black bull whose markings suggest a link with the Pleaides star group, and it had to be struck at exactly the right time in order to make contact with heaven. In mythological tradition, Saturn is equated with Father God who is both architect and blacksmith who forges masterworks in his heavenly smithy. The drum beat measures out the passing of time (using Saturn-Jupiter cycles for example), measuring out the years of ‘misery’ when mankind stumbles around in the darkness of physical incarnation, his only hope and refuge being to gain knowledge of the ‘way’ out, which means realising his innate divinity and working towards his second birth, or re-birth into spirit, which is through knowledge of The Way, Tao, or Gnosis. This leads us on a metaphorical journey along the Milky Way, a journey within our own being. The Way leads us upwards through the planetary spheres, past the zodiac belt and beyond the sphere of the fixed stars, high above to our Pole Star. It is hoped that the years of Uranus in Taurus will, metaphorically speaking, re-birth Adam Smith in order to help humanity make that journey successfully.'