Jane Lewis writes: 'The review process associated with Mercury’s retrograde phase, just ended, can be carried on into the coming weeks whilst the sun moves through Pisces. For much of this time the sun conjoins Neptune, its higher octave ruler. Neptune has been in its own sign Pisces since 2012 and stays there until 2025. Mercury retrograde prompts us to re-think things, and Pisces invites contemplation and encourages new ways of thinking based upon imagination and compassion, this combination helping us to achieve a balance between the head and heart minds. For a few days the Pisces sun also sextiles Uranus which favours radical and inventive solutions, and in July Neptune sextile Pluto will provide opportunities for permanent, far-reaching changes for the benefit of all.

For some years I lived in a North Yorkshire town famous for its ‘petrifying well’ and prophetess known as Mother Shipton, and my daily walk followed a riverside route between Mother Shipton’s Inn and the World’s End pub. Mother Shipton, born Ursula Sontheil in 1488, is a folkloric legend who we might today call a herbalist, but in those dark times she was ostracised by the local community for her physical deformities and was forced to live in a cave on the river bank, castigated as a witch even as a young woman when her husband died after only two years of marriage. Nevertheless, she gained a reputation as a soothsayer and her prophesies spread far and wide and even attracted the attention of the king. Her most famous prediction concerned the marriage of Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn which she said would have grave consequences for the Church, which indeed it did as it led to the Dissolution of the Monasteries and the severing of links with Rome. Perhaps her most famous prediction was the end of the world in 1881. Like many ‘wise women’ over the past centuries she was branded a witch and narrowly avoided the far more common fate of being burned on the stake.


Well, the year 1881 came and went and the world is still here. Or is it? By that I mean, is it really the same world or did something subtle and unseen occur to affect mass consciousness and human evolution around that time? Some spiritual authorities support this claim.

What is actually meant by the ‘end of the world’ anyway? It is an astronomical term for the end of a world age and the beginning of a new one, its timing is determined by the precession of the equinoxes, specifically when the equinox or solstice sun rises heliacally against the constellational cusps of Taurus/Gemini and Scorpio/Sagittarius. In 2020 we have reached precisely such a time.

On my present day walks along the riverbank I often ponder on the obsession of past peoples to keep track of calendar time and count the passing of years in relation to the backdrop of the stars. I realise that this is because, periodically, new doorways open through which souls can make a ‘boat journey’ into the eternal realm. This was certainly the belief of the ancient Egyptians, and other cultures too. Only at certain times does such a window of opportunity open up when Gemini/Taurus Sagittarius/Scorpio cusps ‘stand on the corners of the earth’. For good reason the inside of Pharaohs’ coffin lids were inscribed with ephemerides and tomb ceilings showed astronomical data to help the royal soul navigate its way along the river through the heavenly spheres and out into eternity. It was essential that they were prepared for this great voyage which is fraught with obstacles. It was necessary to know the correct passwords to sound to each gatekeeper, and to know what form to transform into in order to play up the ‘celestial monsters’ that would inevitably be encountered on the way. And why should this be any different today?

I am not personally expecting the terrestrial world to disappear just yet, although I could be wrong. But the current pandemic together with urgent pressures from climate change are clearly stimuli to radically different ways of thinking, and if these can be translated into action we might really find ourselves living in a new world before too long. We might look back on 2020 and realise that it truly was the start of a new world, but that will depend upon whether or not we are willing to revise our thinking along more imaginative, heart-based, compassionate lines, and restore the feminine principle to its rightful place.

That Neptune should be in its own sign Pisces at this time seems apposite, for it is fulfilling its supreme role with perfection. God of the seas, Neptune carries a trident, as does Shiva in the Hindu tradition. Neptune’s astrological glyph is the upward-facing half circle imposed on the cross of matter, thus creating the three-pronged trishula (Sanskrit) which is the triple-spear and symbol of the holy trinity. In White Eagle terminology we speak of the Father, Mother, Son in which Father-Mother together are One. Masculine-Feminine are united in hermaphroditic Unity and create the Son.

The Covid crisis has deeply impacted schools and is forcing a radical re-think about education, not just about keeping people safe through home schooling, but also about the way teaching is delivered, examination methods and awards. A Mercury retrograde kind of process needs to go even further in order to review the content of what is taught, what young people need to know and discover in order to equip themselves as citizens of the future world. As human consciousness becomes elevated in the coming months there will be a dawning realisation that new wisdom will require a new foundation in the curriculum. What needs to be included, excluded, revised and introduced in order to better reflect society’s changing values, aspirations and truths?

This process began some time ago. As Neptune has moved through Pisces over the last decade we have seen a gradual undermining of both historical, economic and scientific ‘facts’ which have had to be revised through the process of on-going research and experience. Our education system needs to become sufficiently flexible to keep apace. It is a Neptunian illusion that what is written in textbooks remains eternally true and unquestionably correct. We now realise that historical interpretation is highly subjective, unreliable and that in many (most?) cases intentionally falsified in such as way as to give the most positive ‘spin’ on events in support of rulers.

Throughout history, Uranus is the force that challenges and reforms the establishment by asking uncomfortable and inconvenient questions about the status quo and convention so that progress can be made. It stops humanity from getting stuck in the past and brings new lease of life. Inevitably, many people who have grown comfortable with things simply ticking along as they are, tend to react negatively to stimuli for change and regard challenges to received wisdom and established ‘facts’ as being signs of Neptune’s rot setting in. Examples in modern popular British culture include historians Lucy Worsley in her BBC television series on History’s Biggest Fibs, and David Olusoga’s series on what it is to be Black and British, both of which make revisionist enquiries into the assumed truths of what official history has positioned as being fact. Fact and fiction are not so easily determined. Equally radical and exciting is the Shakespeare authorship question, which is developing apace and finding increasingly wide platforms, challenging accepted beliefs.

Pisces reminds us that the feminine qualities within every person, both men and women, urgently need to be valued and applied to every sphere of life. Regardless of gender, the yin needs to be balanced with the yang, and the goddess or feminine side of humanity needs to be restored to its rightful place. These are the imaginative, intuitive, visionary qualities, the ‘softer’ virtues of empathy, sympathy, caring, sharing, compassion. These manifest in public and political life as leadership through example instead of by force; they put idioms into action: ‘do as you would be done by’ and ‘practise what you preach’, instead of ‘do as I say, not as I do’.'

In a teaching about the Aquarian Age (1), White Eagle said that “Education will be entirely different from what it is today. Instead of forcing a mass of so-called knowledge into the brain, it will take the form of unfoldment. Instead of a process of cramming, education will be so applied that it will strike into the very innermost of the soul and will open out and bring forth knowledge which is within. Make no mistake: knowledge and wisdom come primarily from within, and with the right process, with the correct motive and aspiration, the soul can tap the fruits of all knowledge and all wisdom. For on the etheric plane are grand libraries in which the soul can search. This again will happen in the Aquarian age.”

Neptune and Uranus function as a pair of twins, each working differently for the fulfilment of a common purpose which is the Revelation of Divine Truth. Neptune represents the sleeping state of consciousness in which we live in a dream-state of illusion that the terrestrial world is the only and real world. Uranus is the awakening force that shakes us out of our slumbers, wakes up the ‘living dead’ in order to stop us from sleepwalking off the precipice at the world’s end. Science, mathematics, history, philosophy, social-sciences, economics, the arts and humanities are all meant to work harmoniously together to demonstrate the true rationality and logic of divine revelation. A unified system of human education does not separate the arts from the sciences, rather it values both and allows each to serve the other for the benefit of all.

(1) White Eagle Inner Teaching T195