Jane writes: 'The Sun’s entry into Aquarius on 20th January brings an intensification of Uranian energies, especially as the sun conjoins Saturn applying to square Uranus. No better time than now to consider the meaning of Uranus and Aquarius so we might widen our understanding and take corrective courses of action during the coming year.

In the last century spiritual and esoteric astrologers (including Alice Bailey, Alan Leo, Joan Hodgson) predicted that evolving humanity would become more responsive to Uranus than our Sun, and the planetary angels of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have been drawing close to the soul of humanity to help awaken it from the tomb of materialism (1). At the same time, the last centuries have also brought about global industrialisation through science and technology, combined with widespread rejection of religious beliefs considered to be superstitious and obstructive to advancement, and together these have paved the way for today’s technologically advanced world.

As David Attenborough asserts in his witness statement film ‘A Life on our Planet’ (2) human behaviour has now brought about mass species extinction which directly threatens human life itself in little more than 100 years, when he predicts another mass extinction event such as has already occurred five times in the past.

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Patricia writes:

After Uranus moves direct on 15th January, all planets are in direct motion for two weeks. It can feel as if life is able to move forwards again.

Mars and Uranus are currently conjunct in Taurus. They are both dynamic planets being associated with drive and sudden changes, respectively. These energies are in contrast to the fixed nature of Taurus, perhaps the most solid and inflexible sign of the zodiac. Mars and Uranus are conjunct for another three weeks and the aspect is exact on 20th January. The conjunction brings a huge amount of energy to change those things that have become too rigid over the course of time, particularly our values and sense of security as it relates to the material world. Until 17th January, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury are close together in Aquarius and square to the Mars-Uranus conjunction suggesting much serious thought and careful discussions on these issues.

From 17th – 22nd January, Jupiter in Aquarius is exactly square to the Mars-Uranus conjunction. At one level, the interaction of these planets could bring a degree of volatility into world affairs. The planets are in fixed signs so there could be much determination and perseverance to pursue particular activities. It would be wise to avoid rash or impulsive actions designed to accelerate the process of change. The proximity of Saturn to Jupiter brings a steadying influence and confers the wisdom of patience. Looking at this planetary interaction at a deeper level, Mars injects energy into the desire for the truth and light that are associated with Uranus. The square to Jupiter emphasises morals, standards and humanitarian ideals. We may have insights that illumine our understanding of what is right, not only for humankind but also for the brotherhood of all life. The proximity of Saturn suggests that it really is time to address these issues. Saturn is in dignity in Aquarius so it is ideally placed to help humanity master past experiences and make enduring changes.

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Patricia writes: 'By 4th January, Mars in Aries is conjunct retrograde Uranus in Taurus. This planetary interaction suggests a drive for truth and individuality. However, the energy of the cardinal fire sign of Aries is completely different from that of the fixed earth sign of Taurus. While there could be some tension with unexpected changes in the status quo, energy is being directed towards new initiatives relating to material values.

It is worth looking at the six planets that are interacting during the first week of January. The Mars-Uranus conjunction is square to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. Mars is also square to the Mercury-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn and Pluto is nearing the end of its conjunction to Saturn. This complex interaction suggests changes in authorities and establishments experienced in 2020 continue. However, now that Uranus is involved, it is accompanied by a strong drive towards freedom and independence. This has already been seen in the UK with the end of the transition period after Brexit. As Uranus is still retrograde, how things will work out may not be obvious until Uranus has established its direct motion. January is a time when many new ideas could emerge either spontaneously or out of necessity.

With Mars in the last degree of Aries and Mercury approaching the end of Capricorn, there can be an urgency in discussions about changes in organisation within administrations and governments. Many businesses in the UK and EU will be establishing new ways of interacting with each other.

On 6th January after an unusually long period in Aries, Mars moves into the fixed earth sign of Taurus. Emphasis is directed towards getting on with the practicalities of new incentives and initiatives instigated in the latter half of 2020. On 8th January, Venus moves into Capricorn. In addition, Mercury moves into Aquarius and closer to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. As Venus, Mercury and Mars are all in the first degree of their respective signs, there is much enthusiasm to do something new. There could be a lot of talks about new ideas and new relationships and how these can be responsibly and sensibly implemented. However, the energy of the first degree of any sign does not have much experience of that sign so people could be feeling that they are treading new ground: keen to get on with things but a little apprehensive about how it will all work out. The proximity of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction to Mercury suggests that while there is still some hard work to be done, there is a cautious but optimistic sense of expansion. The trine between Venus and Mars, both in earth signs, suggests the development of realistic proposals.

During the second week of January, the stellium of Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius is square to the Mars-Uranus conjunction in Taurus. A square is often accompanied by tension as the different parties are at odds with each other but there is tremendous potential for advance when the issues are resolved. It is a time when brilliant new ideas could be brought into physical manifestation, particularly if people are willing to put in time and effort. Unconventional ways may be found to resolve practical issues. As both of these signs are in the fixed mode, there is likely to be a great deal of determination and perseverance. However, if these qualities are taken to extreme, they can develop into stubbornness. At such times, it is worthwhile considering whether flexibility could better achieve what stubbornness is unable to accomplish.

Venus is also involved in the complex planetary interactions during the first and second weeks in January. There is a semisextile between Venus in Capricorn and the Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn stellium in Aquarius as well as a trine to the Mars-Uranus conjunction in Taurus. Venus can soften prevailing tension and highlight financial affairs. The energy of Venus can help bring harmony, unity and the sense of sharing a common purpose. There is the potential to build solid and enduring relationships that honour individuality.

On 13th January, the new Moon in Capricorn means that both the Sun and the Moon are in the same degree of this sign. It can indicate a new beginning in taking responsibilities seriously as well as being able to give practical service in life without the interference of emotions. The new Moon and Sun are both conjunct Pluto. Much light is being shone on the transformation that humanity is experiencing. Although the Moon moves on quickly, the Sun transits Pluto for a further two days. However, it is not just physical Sun light. Light from the spiritual Sun is also shining into the farthest reaches of the solar system and into deepest parts of ourselves. The proximity of the Sun to Pluto is associated with endings and beginning, major transformations. These can include a change from being predominantly materially orientated in order to direct more attention to spiritual aspirations. Although there has been so much turmoil and upheaval at the physical level over the last year, it might be heralding a much deeper, more profound and fundamental change: a greater awareness of our true spiritual nature and desire to follow spiritual values. This would be an enormous step in human evolution.

On 13th January, Uranus stations, ending its retrograde phase. It goes direct on 15th January opening the way for new ideas conceived in the past few months to be put into operation. From the next day until 22nd January, the square between Jupiter and Uranus, mentioned earlier as part of aspects involving other planets, is exact. Mars and Uranus are exactly conjunct from 18th – 22nd January. There could be brilliant innovative ideas and sudden bursts of energy to get on with things that have been considered for a long time. There could also be dogged determination to do something in a certain way. Traditional or previously valued systems could be challenged by novel and unorthodox methods. While this could be a fiery time with tendencies ranging from steady and rational to unpredictable and irrational, it is likely to bring progressive changes with accompanying new opportunities. Greater truth about how we are using the Earth’s resources could be revealed along with new and exciting ways of managing what is available to us.

At the end of the second week of January, all of the planets are within five adjacent signs of the zodiac. All planets are direct in their movement through the heavens. This suggests direct outward action can be concentrated on the tasks in hand. After the groundwork of breaking down and deconstruction so prevalent last year, we are now entering a phase where new ideas can emerge and take shape. Let us remain open to truth, not only the truth of what is happening in the world at large but also the truth that is deep within each one of us.

Keep well, stay happy.'

Jane Lewis writes: 'As the sun moves into Capricorn we celebrate the winter solstice here in the northern hemisphere which marks a new beginning. There’s little question about what 2020 will be remembered for but the rare occurrence of a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on the same day as the solstice on 21st December is symbolic of a major new start for humanity especially in the first degree of Aquarius. For many this may be an uncommonly bleak midwinter on the outer plane of life yet this is also a season of renewed hope.

White Eagle makes it clear that his teachings were sent as messages of hope given to help humanity make the huge transition from the Piscean into the Aquarian age, or new Golden Age. This gradual transition has been taking place for at least 100 years and we have passed through a number of gateways, each one taking us closer towards the centre, as though penetrating into the heart of the temple where we might unite with the holy of holies. 2020 can surely be added to the list of important gateways in time, and there may well be another one in the 2030s.

2020 has been very Saturnian with its severe limitations, hardships, sickness and death, tests and challenges. The old roman festival of Saturnalia begins a few days before the solstice and ushers in a holiday season of merry-making in celebration of the coming of another Golden Age over which Saturn traditionally rules. Saturn has kingship over golden ages and is the Gatekeeper and Initiator into the Mysteries. The zodiac signs of the Sun and Moon, Leo and Cancer, have twinship relationship with their opposite signs both of which are ruled by Saturn: Aquarius and Capricorn. The Christmas greeting ‘merry Christmas’ references the pure virgin soul Mary who, from the darkness of her womb, gives physical form to the divine light she has been nursing in her heart cave for the past nine months since the previous spring equinox. The Merry-Maiden-Mary is the Divine Mother symbolised by Cancer who rules the sea (la mer/la mere in French) and in her essentially maternal way manifests the inner spiritual Light in matter. Saturn and the Moon are intimately connected for Saturn is responsible for the process whereby spirit crystallises into physical matter, which process the Moon performs.

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Patricia Godden writes: 'This update is written on 14th December, the day of the solar eclipse in Sagittarius. This is one of the current astrological indications of new beginnings. As the eclipse is in Sagittarius, there can be optimism and a renewed search for truth.

During the following week, Saturn and Jupiter move from the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn into the fixed air sign of Aquarius. This indicates a major change, not only in the prevailing energy in the world but also in the evolution of humanity. Saturn is harmoniously placed in Capricorn and Aquarius as it rules both signs. While Saturn has been in Capricorn over much of the last three years, there has been worldwide focus on rules and regulations as well as the structures of organisations and establishments. The need for change in all of these facets of human life has been strongly emphasised during 2020 due to the close proximity of Saturn to Jupiter and Pluto. On 17th December, Saturn moves into Aquarius, where it will be until spring 2023. Aquarius, co-ruled by Uranus, is associated with brotherhood, ideas, ideals and inventions. Saturn, in Aquarius relates to social responsibility and the potential to bring new ideas into reality.

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