Saturn is currently favourably placed in Capricorn where it is in dignity. It has been in this sign for most of the last three years. Saturn moves into the last degree of Capricorn on 7th December. The last degree of any sign is known as the anaretic degree. By the time any planet reaches the anaretic degree of a sign, much experience has been gained but there can also be a final challenge before the planet moves on to the next sign. It is interesting that Saturn was in the anaretic degree of Capricorn for nearly two weeks prior to the first period of national lockdown in the UK. Saturn was retrograde in the anaretic degree just days after Leicester went into the first local lockdown. Saturn is now going direct over the anaretic degree for a final time for a few days during the second and third weeks in December. This is when most parts of Britain are experiencing the stricter tiered system introduced after the second period of national lockdown.

Saturn is a planet linked with karma and those deep lessons the soul is learning. We have seen the outer difficulties experienced by so many people, businesses and governments as a result of the pandemic. However, it is impossible to say what profound lessons souls have been working through: individual souls and the souls of nations. This year has been tough at a level that many people have not experienced in their lifetime but we cannot begin to estimate how far these experiences have brought them on their soul journey.

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Jane Lewis writes: 'With the Sun’s ingress into Sagittarius on 22nd November we note that its ruler Jupiter will remain in Capricorn for a few more weeks before breaking free of this sign in which it has its fall. Zeus of the Greeks, Jupiter is the Romanised Deus Pater: ‘Our Father who art in heaven’. For over a year now Jupiter has been in cahoots with Pluto to trigger tremendous changes in governmental, societal and economic structures. Planets can express their finest attributes when in the sign of their exaltation, which for Jupiter is the opposite sign of Cancer and so it has been in its fall during 2020. Through the law of reflection, Jupiter in Capricorn has been holding up a mirror to help us see the corrective actions that are needed before we can create more ideal conditions in the world, particularly in government, leadership and public institutions.

An exalted planet points to an ideal to which we can aspire and individuals born with them can potentially express those ideals more readily. In September this year Chuck Feeney, Irish-American philanthropist, hit the news headline with the refreshing announcement that he had achieved his lifetime’s ambition to ‘die broke’. Self-made businessman, he ‘accidentally’ became a billionaire through airport duty-free retail and at 89 years he happily announced that he had finally managed to give away all his money to charity and could therefore die a happy man. Like Andrew Carnegie, 19th century Scottish-American philanthropist-industrialist, Feeney was born with Jupiter exalted in Cancer. Both men shared the belief that to die rich means dying disgraced, and in this ethos we see the law of giving in action whereby the more we give the more we receive.

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Patricia Godden writes: 'On 22nd and 23rd November, Mercury in Scorpio is sextile Pluto in Capricorn and quincunx Mars in Aries. There will be much talk about the need for adjustment during the dynamic changes in large establishments that are accelerated while Mars is square Pluto. It can be beneficial not to force issues due to a desire to get results quickly. The trine between Neptune in Pisces and Mercury on 24th November could indicate ideals and visions for greater peace, particularly if we can rise above the confusion of any turbulent thoughts or emotions.

By 25th November, Mercury is semisextile the south node of the Moon in Sagittarius and quincunx the north node of the Moon in Gemini, a sign ruled by Mercury. Both Sagittarius and Gemini are dual signs. Sagittarius is shown as half horse - half man, representing our lower and higher natures respectively. Gemini, the heavenly twins, represents the two pillars of wisdom: the mind and the intuition. This semisextile draws attention to the pull between the lower nature, with its everyday mind that can be so busy worrying about all sorts of things, and the higher nature that accesses inner wisdom, intuition and looks to a higher source for inspiration and guidance. As always, we have a choice of what we want to focus on and this is so critical during the current shift in consciousness.

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Patricia Godden writes:

'There are three key planetary features in the middle of November:
1. Jupiter and Pluto, in close proximity during the second and third weeks of the month, are exactly conjunct on 12th November,
2. Mars, retrograde in Aries since September, goes direct on 15th November,
3. the new Moon on 15th November is in Scorpio.
These three facts are linked as both Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio and the new Moon in this sign is sextile the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. There is great potential for direct action and transformation.

The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction occurs at the same degree of Capricorn as the Saturn-Pluto conjunction last January. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction brought massive changes in our lives, largely through the government-imposed lockdown put in place to contain the coronavirus. The second lockdown when Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct seems less severe: establishments such as schools, universities and banks can remain open. There is greater freedom to exercise outdoors. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and opportunity but it is in fall in Capricorn, suggesting that it is more challenging to demonstrate these properties. With the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, we may see greater potential for controlled changes and transformation of structures and large organisations.

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Patricia Godden writes: 'Mercury has been retrograde in Scorpio since 15th October bringing opportunities to look at what we think about much more deeply. At this time of major changes in the evolution of humanity, this deep, inner work is necessary for the voice of our spirit to be expressed. It is not always comfortable but vital for growth.

At the beginning of the last week of October, retrograde Neptune in Pisces is semisextile retrograde Mars in Aries. While a semisextile is a harmonious aspect, it requires effort to make the most of it. There could be benefits from integrating the dynamic and courageous energy of Mars into endeavours to be kind and compassionate. At a deeper level, there can be much inner work going on to access the more spiritual sides of ourselves. Although this is a minor aspect, it expresses so much of what is going on in life at present. Humanity is in the process of a major shift in consciousness from being predominantly materialistic and self-centred to considering others and the spiritual side of life.

On 28th October retrograde Mercury moves from Scorpio back into Libra and Venus also moves into Libra, where it is in dignity. These planets will be semisextile for a short time during which we can consciously work with the planetary energies to bring greater harmony into our interactions with other people. Both planets stay in Libra, although not in aspect, until 10th November. We can use this time to enhance understanding in our relationships. Understanding and harmony are fundamental to the peace that is linked with Libra.At the full Moon on 31st October, the Moon is in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio. The Moon is exactly conjunct Uranus. It is worth looking at these factors individually to be able to understand how profound their interaction can be. The Sun in Scorpio is associated with the soul lesson of peace through love and with transformation. The Moon is in exaltation in Taurus so it can manifest its spiritual energies most easily. Uranus represents the lightening flash of truth. Taurus is linked with our values. Together, this suggests that this full Moon provides a window for transformation, to leave the past behind and open our eyes to more meaningful values that better serve humanity at its current stage of development.

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