Patricia Godden writes: 'The Sun, Venus and Neptune are close together in Pisces on 15th March. Neptune rules Pisces and Venus is in exaltation in this sign. Mercury moves into Pisces later that day. With four planets in Pisces, there is an emphasis on the sensitive and intuitive side of human nature. It is a time when the subtle energies of life can be felt more easily so the imagination may seem stronger and could be expressed through creative activities such as art, writing or storytelling. Some people may enjoy a quiet time of inner reflection or meditation.

A semisextile between Neptune in the water sign of Pisces and Jupiter in the air sign of Aquarius from 15th - 27th March suggests that, with a bit of effort, there can be a harmonious blending of the emotions and thoughts. At this time, our mind can help us understand our feelings. We can integrate what we notice with our physical senses with what we perceive with the finer senses. This can allow a rational appreciation of insights and inner impressions.

There is a lot more going on with this aspect than meets the eye. Neptune relates to transcending boundaries, not only physical boundaries but also those between the seen and invisible worlds. Jupiter in Aquarius strives for new inspiration, humanitarian ideals and a better world for all life. The combined interaction of these planets is bringing a gentle, almost insidious change in society. It can be seen in more people being sympathetic to the difficulties and challenges experienced by other people in the community and other parts of the world and subsequently wanting to do something about it. This can be achieved with the proactive energy for transformation of Pluto, which is still in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn, stimulating the urge to break down worn out systems in order that new ways of life can emerge.

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Patricia Godden writes: 'At the beginning of the period covered in this update, there is a strong emphasis on Aquarius as Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are in this sign. It can be a time of much mental activity and thinking of new ways to express individuality, freedom and how we can connect with other people. This is particularly noticeable after 4th March when Mars moves into Gemini, another air sign. Thoughts are turning to the joys of interacting with others when the restrictions of lockdown are gradually lifted.

After a prolonged period of varying levels of curtailment of liberty, there is a great desire to get out and about again. Some people think restrictions should be lifted quickly while others consider a more cautious approach is sensible. The difference in opinions reflects the ongoing square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus: between wanting to follow the rules versus wanting to break free. However, this is not so much a time of personal wants and desires but rather of still focussing on the needs of the community. Saturn in Aquarius indicates a great deal of social responsibility and respect not just for other people but also for the whole of life. Uranus in Taurus wants to break away from old values in order that new concepts for worldwide safety and well-being can emerge. Together, the actions of these planets offer tremendous potential to improve global conditions. This includes radical new ways of introducing equality into society, better welfare for all people and greater consideration for the environment. This may sound utopian but, with effort, it is possible. With Jupiter in Aquarius, there are plenty of opportunities to expand awareness outwards from ourselves towards the wider spectrum of life.

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Jane Lewis writes: 'The review process associated with Mercury’s retrograde phase, just ended, can be carried on into the coming weeks whilst the sun moves through Pisces. For much of this time the sun conjoins Neptune, its higher octave ruler. Neptune has been in its own sign Pisces since 2012 and stays there until 2025. Mercury retrograde prompts us to re-think things, and Pisces invites contemplation and encourages new ways of thinking based upon imagination and compassion, this combination helping us to achieve a balance between the head and heart minds. For a few days the Pisces sun also sextiles Uranus which favours radical and inventive solutions, and in July Neptune sextile Pluto will provide opportunities for permanent, far-reaching changes for the benefit of all.

For some years I lived in a North Yorkshire town famous for its ‘petrifying well’ and prophetess known as Mother Shipton, and my daily walk followed a riverside route between Mother Shipton’s Inn and the World’s End pub. Mother Shipton, born Ursula Sontheil in 1488, is a folkloric legend who we might today call a herbalist, but in those dark times she was ostracised by the local community for her physical deformities and was forced to live in a cave on the river bank, castigated as a witch even as a young woman when her husband died after only two years of marriage. Nevertheless, she gained a reputation as a soothsayer and her prophesies spread far and wide and even attracted the attention of the king. Her most famous prediction concerned the marriage of Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn which she said would have grave consequences for the Church, which indeed it did as it led to the Dissolution of the Monasteries and the severing of links with Rome. Perhaps her most famous prediction was the end of the world in 1881. Like many ‘wise women’ over the past centuries she was branded a witch and narrowly avoided the far more common fate of being burned on the stake.

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Patricia Godden writes: 'At the time of writing, the new Moon in Aquarius is imminent, just a few hours away. This new Moon, when the Moon and Sun as well as Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and

retrograde Mercury are all in Aquarius, is a time of social responsibility. In the UK and other countries, lockdown continues. By isolating ourselves from other households we help to control the spread of the coronavirus. Limitation of interactions with other members of the community very much illustrates Saturn in Aquarius. However, the presence of the two planets called the ‘benefics’, Venus and Jupiter, brings a feeling of goodwill even under the current restrictions. There is a sense of hope and optimism that all will be all right in the end. There is plenty of opportunity for thought and considering these diverse facets of the present situation as Mercury is retrograde until 21st February.

The emphasis on the mind and thoughts is further emphasised by harmonious aspects between the planets in Aquarius and the north node of the Moon in Gemini. The north node of the Moon is an indicator of what we are currently striving for. Both signs are in the air element, which relates to the mind and communication. The air element is associated with the soul lesson of brotherhood. Many people are longing for the opportunity to go on holiday but are unable to do so in the current situation. This is an example of forsaking what we as individuals want in favour of considering the welfare of others: other people and other countries.

Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus and so much of what is happening both globally and in our individual lives relates to their positions and interaction. Saturn in Aquarius links with the isolation of being socially responsible. However, while you have had to stay at home, have you noticed the number of programmes on television about nature and the benefits of nature to human wellbeing? This is one of the many manifestations of Uranus, the second ruler of Aquarius, currently being in Taurus. Uranus is associated with technology and television is a form of technology. Taurus is an earth sign linked with nature. We are learning about nature through technology.

There is a square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus for the rest of 2021. During this time there are three periods when it manifests more strongly. One of these periods is during the second half of February and the first few days of March. This time highlights what we are learning through the restrictions of lockdown about our dependence on other people, society and nature. Previously, we were happy to be in our own world doing what we wanted to do, often with little thought about the wellbeing of the wider spectrum of life. The pandemic has brought this to our attention, prompting us to look with respect at those around us, our environment and all that we depend on for our individual and collective lives. Having five planets in Aquarius during the third week of February underscores this.

Uranus in Taurus is also associated with original and radical changes in our sense of values, security and the economy. Through the events of the last year, our sense of comfort and welfare may have been shaken but this could have led to establishing a deeper sense of inner security. The Saturn-Uranus square suggests we are really learning so much about topics ranging from personal values to the global economy. At times, it can seem as if our whole value system is being overhauled and this is part of becoming more conscious of our role in the whole of life.

The square between Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Taurus from 18th to 21st February offers opportunities to bring novel ideas for the benefit of society into practical reality. While this requires effort, there could be a lot of determination and perseverance to implement those ideas. Mercury goes direct on 21st February and so in the days that follow, we could see the outworking of some of the deeper thinking that went on during the last three weeks when the planet was retrograde. As Mars in Taurus is trine Pluto in Capricorn from 22nd to 26th February, these ideas could be put into physical action and lead to changes at the material level.

It is worth remembering that when changes appear at the physical level of life, there is a spiritual counterpart going on at the same time. As humanity strives to reach a peak of physical or material attainment, it is also striving towards greater awareness of spirituality and the finer realms of life. At the time of the full Moon on 27th February, the Moon is in Virgo, the sign linked with striving for perfection, and the Sun is in Pisces, the sign of kindness and compassion. While so much has been happening in our physical lives, many people have become increasingly aware of the inner levels of life. For some, this has been realised as feeling greater empathy for other people. Others have devoted more time to meditation and going within to the infinite source of wisdom that is actually within all of us. At the time of the full Moon, Venus is in exaltation in Pisces, highlighting the opportunity to be gentle and kind in our service to others. Neptune, also in Pisces, continues to emphasise our ability to transcend boundaries of human kindness as we strive to manifest our divine nature while living on Earth.

Keep well, stay happy.'

Patricia writes: 'Uranus has been in Taurus since May 2018 and will remain there until April 2026. Amongst other things, Taurus relates to our values, material assets and finances. At the collective level it is associated with national economies and financial systems. Uranus is the truth- and light-bringer helping us to realise what is really going on, what needs to change and then bring about changes that can be ground-breaking. The proximity of Mars to Uranus and the square from Jupiter to both of these planets has focussed attention on these issues. In January, this was seen in some parts of the world in rebellious action. The urge to break away from old systems and change the world is still present but the emphasis is gradually changing as the steadying energy of Saturn is increasingly felt.

There is currently a square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. It is worth looking at this interaction in the context of a longer timeframe as it can give a wider perspective on what is happening and help us appreciate that a cosmic plan is working throughout life. Back in January 2020, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn heralded significant changes in the power of authorities and the structures of organisations worldwide. Such changes came about as a result of the pandemic. As Pluto remains in Capricorn until 2023/24 we will continue to see some changes of this nature for a while yet. However, the breakdown of values and systems that no longer served humanity has been necessary before people were willing to look at new systems and different ways of life based on kinder and more compassionate values that are less materially orientated. With the Saturn-Uranus square, there is now the potential to bring about radical but constructive changes, which implement ideas and technology that are in line with current humanitarian ideals. Furthermore, this could be done in a measured way.

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