1. I will only work from an accurately calculated chart. If the birthtime is known only to within two hours I will rectify it to the best of my ability and state on the birth chart that it has been rectified. If the hour of birth is quite unknown I will work from a sunrise or noon chart and sun sign houses, clearly stating this fact; or if rectification is attempted will clearly state that the birthtime is speculative.
  2. In delineating the chart I will to the best of my ability follow well-tried astrological principles. When parts of the reading are of a psychic or intuitive nature or involve the use of other occult techniques not purely astrological, I will clearly state this fact.
  3. I will aim always at helping the client to make the best use of the planetary conditions shown in the chart, and will be careful never to make statements likely to undermine confidence or to depress. I will try to indicate that when the planets indicate difficulties, they also indicate qualities in the nature which can surmount these and turn them into assets.
  4. Apart from advising about periods when special care should be exercised, I will be very circumspect about predicting illness or accident and never in any circumstances will I predict death or disaster.
  5. Before working on any delineation I will give time to becoming very still in mind and spirit, praying that I may be guided to give the help and inspiration needed by that soul.