We offer three courses which are all recognised by the Advisory Panel on Astrological Education: Beginners’, Preparatory and Advanced. 

white eagle astrology sun chartThe Beginners’ Course is for those who have no knowledge of astrology and covers the first steps: the symbolism, the calculation of the chart, principles of interpretation and basic delineation. 

The Preparatory Course is for those who already have some basic knowledge, perhaps through study elsewhere. It comprises the latter half of the Beginners’ Course and serves to introduce the student to the White Eagle approach so that they can if they wish continue, along with those who have taken the complete Beginners’ Course, to the Advanced Course, which concentrates on the deeper aspects of delineation of both the natal and progressed horoscope. 

(Please note that students are not normally permitted to take the Advanced Course unless they have first taken either the Beginners’ or the Preparatory.) 

After the Beginners’ and Preparatory courses there is an examination (which can be taken at home), compulsory for those wishing to proceed to the Advanced Course, optional for others, for which successful candidates are awarded the School’s Primary Certificate. 

Joan Hodgson natal chartStudents at the later stages of the Advanced Course are presented with test horoscopes to delineate as if for a client, and such testing continues until they are judged fit to practise, at which point, assuming they have satisfactorily completed the course, they are awarded the School’s Diploma. 

A very high standard is expected of students, especially in view of the great responsibility astrologers hold towards their clients. Students are not normally permitted to practise professionally without tutorial permission until they have gained the Diploma and signed the School’s Code of Practice (see below), unless they already have a diploma-level qualification from another school. 

As many students can only work on the courses in their spare time we allow very ample time limits; generally speaking, students work throughout at their own pace.