A major part of the work of the White Eagle School of Astrology is the teaching of astrology. Much of this is aimed specifically at those who want either to develop a working knowledge of the subject or to become professional. However, we also cater for those who simply want to engage with the subject and feel unable, or not inclined, to deal with the technicalities and processes of study which conventional courses involve.

Study White Eagle astrologyWe have run correspondence courses for many years; indeed when Joan Hodgson, founder of the School, initiated the Beginners’ Course in 1941 it was the only such course available in the UK. This course, which has undergone revision roughly once a decade since then, continues to run today. There is also a Preparatory Course, for those who have already learned some astrology elsewhere and wish to ‘switch’ to our approach, which comprises the second half of the Beginners’ Course.

In the early 70s an Advanced Course leading to a diploma was published; it too, with regular revision, continues to run. The great advantage of correspondence courses is of course that they can be taken anywhere at any time. The disadvantage is the lack of ‘live’ teaching. 

For those who feel they need live teaching, from time to time we run intensive residential courses here at New Lands and occasionally elsewhere. We also hold astrology ‘days’ from time to time which are usually accessible to all levels of ability. (See the ‘events’ page for details of forthcoming activities.)

The White Eagle Approach

The movements of the stars and planets and their mutual relationships are closely linked with the unfoldment and development of the human soul. Through the observation and interpretation of the positions and motions of the heavenly bodies, we gradually come to understand this evolutionary process. Astrology gives us an opportunity to glimpse cosmic law in action, as it were; this can be most helpful both to the astrologer and to any clients who come to them for help. Not surprisingly, this ability does not come overnight – it requires a great deal of hard work, both in terms of study and the would-be-astrologer’s own personal growth and development! Study White Eagle astrology2

Because true wisdom resides in the heart rather than the head, our courses strive not to be intellectually complicated but rather to instil the important basic principles, though inevitably a fair amount of focused mental study is required.

We aim to familiarise the student with the foundations of esoteric astrology and provide them with a sound, practical working knowledge of the subject. This also enables students subsequently to follow up on their own any more specialised branch of astrology which particularly interests them.