Astrological Principles - Astrological Weather

An awareness of astrology and belief in its validity are probably greater now than they have been for many centuries. Although there is still a long way to go before we reach a situation where laypeople in general have some basic astrological knowledge (I’m working on it…….!), more and more people know something about it and are prepared to accept that ‘there are signs in the Sun, the Moon and the stars’. Ultimately this can only be a good thing. 

However, with this increasing awareness come all sorts of misunderstandings, anxieties and pitfalls. For example, many people rely far too much on the horoscope columns in newspapers and popular magazines, sometimes to the extent that it could be, and sometimes is, called superstition. Others won’t make any move in their lives, however minor, without seeking astrological advice. 

I’m not talking here of those who come to astrologers such as myself in a spirit of genuine enquiry or perplexity, but rather of those like a client I once had who constantly asked for her progressions, wouldn’t do anything without consulting them, and blamed me roundly when real life, in her eyes, didn’t correspond with what I had suggested the planetary trends were. It got to the point where she almost told me what I was to write. In the end I had, gently but firmly, to ask her to use another astrologer! 

What we all need to remember, above all, is that the stars and planets do not make us what we are. We make us what we are; the heavens reflect that, which is why astrology is such a useful tool. Those inward choices we make while still discarnate are reflected in the outwardly visible universe in the form of our natal horoscopes, which therefore act as pictures of our own inner development. Many people find these very helpful – if this were not so, many astrologers would be out of a job! 

However, there is one major area of astrology in which we all need to be particularly sensible and philosophical, especially at times of world turmoil such as we are now experiencing. This is the study of current astrological conditions – things actually happening up there in the sky right now. So many prophecies of doom and gloom seem to precede every major configuration perceived as being in any way difficult for humanity; some of these prophecies are made by those who should know better. We all need to develop a right attitude to those signs in the heavens which are, in reality, there to guide and to help us in the evolutionary process. 

In developing such an attitude, one of the most important qualities we require is discrimination. This is necessary in two ways: first, we need to be able to discriminate between those ‘prophets’ who are merely soothsayers, not sufficiently understanding what they’re dealing with, and those who have genuine insight into the ‘science of the stars’. 

Even among the latter, we need to discriminate between the pessimists (who call themselves realists) and those with a more balanced and detached view, who are generally in much better touch with the truth. Whom do we believe? If White Eagle is right, as I’m sure he is, ‘all works together for good’. Therefore, the latter are the ones who are likely to prove right in the long run, whatever vicissitudes we have to go through in the process. 

We also require discrimination in order to react correctly to what we learn. For example, as I write this, there is an exact opposition between Saturn in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius. What this really means is that there is a period of opportunity to balance things material (Saturn) and spiritual (Neptune), and to balance the mind (Aquarius) and the heart (Leo). 

It sounds very simple, put like that – and it is. But if you have something important in Leo or Aquarius, reading some of the forecasts you might think that all sorts of problems are likely to affect you personally. Some of them might, indeed, but that isn’t really the point. It is the ultimate purpose of these configurations that matters, not what might happen along the way. At the end of such a period, it is much more important to be able to say that we learnt something worthwhile from them, however hard it was. 

If all this sounds rather more like a sermon than an astrology article, I make no apology, as the point I’m making is too fundamental to require it. However, I cannot end my ‘sermon’ without a few words of comfort. Among the principles of the White Eagle Lodge, listed in this and every newsletter, is one referring to the Five Great Laws. The last of these is the Law of Compensation. 

In this context above all, remember that that law operates. No configuration, however apparently difficult, brings with it tests without some compensating factor. Very rarely do things turn out as ‘badly’ as we expect; something always helps to keep a balance. The old saying that every cloud has a silver lining is a simple way of expressing that law. So, whenever you are tempted to dwell on the clouds which some planetary situations seem to resemble, remember to look for the silver lining of compensation. It is always there; it’s just that we sometimes don’t see it. 

This article first appeared in autumn 2007's edition of the White Eagle Newsletter For The Americas, On Eagle's Wings

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