What first springs to mind when you read the word ‘astrology’? Perhaps the horoscope columns in the newspapers? Accusations of mumbo-jumbo or ‘pseudoscience’? Fortune tellers at a fair?

Or are you one of the increasing number of people who are gradually realizing that beneath all the stereotypical opinions and criticisms there is a real science waiting to be found?

AstrologyworkshopIf you fall into this final category, this site will interest you! Once you start to investigate astrology on the web, you quickly find, of course, that there are a number of schools and organizations which promote astrology.

What is distinctive about this school?

The White Eagle School of Astrology, almost uniquely among those in the UK, treats astrology from a spiritual viewpoint. The history of astrology suggests that although it should not be regarded in any way as a ‘religion’, as has been suggested, it was almost always used to serve a spiritual philosophy, although the nature of that philosophy varied according to the times and to geography.

What does the school do?

The White Eagle School of Astrology both teaches astrology and provides astrological services to the public such as written readings of horoscopes – real ones, that is, not the Sun-sign material that appears in the popular press, or computer-generated readings – and face-to-face astrological consultations.

Astrology is ...

White Eagle astrology isAstrology is not fortune-telling; it is not magic; it does not imply the loss of freewill. It simply explores a relationship that exists between the movements of the stars and planets and the unfoldment of life.

Study Astrology with the White Eagle Lodge School of AstrologyFor we humans in particular, a horoscope provides a ‘road map’ for our path through life, a kind of celestial GPS, knowledge of which can be extremely helpful, especially at times of difficulty and for enhancing self-knowledge.

'I'd like to know about astrology but not have to work through a course.'

If you are one of the many people who would like to know something about astrology without having to study an academic course, you will be pleased to know that we have developed a special course just for you; it is called Understanding The Stars.

Unlike our standard training courses, it requires no work to be sent in, no tutor apart from yourself and no mathematical or technical knowledge. Instead, it introduces the esoteric principles and philosophy behind the subject, its history and its function. To learn more or to order please click on the image.