As above so below astrology chartWhat is a horoscope?

On hearing the word ‘horoscope’, you may well think of the columns in newspapers and magazines, but these are merely highly generalized predictions based purely on one’s Sun sign, i.e. the sign of the zodiac occupied by the Sun at birth. Most of us already know what our Sun sign is, but few of us know our Moon sign or our rising (ascendant) sign, both of which are in their way just as significant.

A full horoscope takes into account not only these factors but also the positions of all the planets in the signs of the zodiac, in the so-called ‘houses’ of the horoscope (areas which govern particular departments of life), and in relation to each other.

What is astrology for?

Contrary to popular belief, astrology is not primarily about foretelling the future, although that is sometimes a byproduct of astrological work. Rather, it is about making life understandable. In the White Eagle School, backed as we are by a strong spiritual philosophy, we find that knowledge of one’s horoscope sheds light on one’s path, one’s process of inner growth and development. Self-knowledge and self-understanding are essential in this process; astrology promotes both.

The spiritual approach

Lodge chartThe particular value of a spiritually-based approach to astrological truth is that it enables the astrologer not only to talk about the ‘what’ and ‘how’ in life, and to some extent, ‘when’, but also ‘why’. So many of us wonder why we go through (or are prevented from going through) certain experiences, why we have certain personality traits, why we end up with the jobs and relationships that we do, or don’t, and so on.

A good spiritually-based horoscope reading can go a long way towards helping a client to find answers to these questions. Note that ‘spiritual’ does not mean ‘airy-fairy’ or ‘impractical’; on the contrary, the spiritual approach demands groundedness and practicality. As White Eagle himself once said, it’s no use being so heavenly minded that you’re no earthly good!


Our horoscope serviceJoan Hodgson

The White Eagle Lodge has run a horoscope service almost since its foundation in 1936. Joan Hodgson (elder daughter of Grace and Ivan Cooke, founders of the Lodge) became interested in astrology in her teens and by the time the Lodge was established was proficient to the extent that not only did she do work for individual clients but also taught astrology in the Lodge. In 1976 the astrological side of the Lodge work was formally constituted as a school, but in reality it had already been such for many, many years.

Back in the late 1930s when Joan started work for clients, she charged a fee of one ‘guinea’ for a full written horoscope reading. (This exotic-sounding amount was one pound one shilling in old pre-1971 money, one pound and five pence in contemporary currency – worth a lot more then than now!) The price has inevitably risen with inflation, but the work remains as valuable as ever, if anything more so as the world and life upon it speed up and we run to keep up!

We find that even in these times of speeded-up living, many clients prefer to have a full written horoscope reading, but it is also sometimes possible to provide a personal consultation service, if you live reasonably close to one of our qualified astrologers.