Astrology of the Coronavirus Pandemic

One of our senior astrologers, advanced course tutor Jane Lewis, is currently writing about the astrology of the coronavirus pandemic; she views these writings as a journal, recording her thoughts, feelings and insights in a way that we think deserves reading by a wider public. The passages she writes will be appearing regularly on this new page and we hope you will enjoy reading them; they will certainly help us all in our understanding of these extraordinary times!

Be careful what you ask for as you will get it, but not necessarily in the way you want.

Pluto and Jupiter are still very close zodiacally, and as we have seen, each planet embodies a range of meanings ranging from ‘black’ to ‘white’, or negative and positive, like the feathers of a magpie or the squares on a chessboard. Pluto takes us into dark waters and into all things taboo: death, sex, the occult, the criminal underworld as well as into the hidden forces of the universe. Not surprising that the occult engenders fear and suspicion but occult simply means occluded or hidden things, including the hidden laws that control human affairs. When Pluto is active it brings hidden things to light so that they can be seen and understood, thus presenting opportunities for change. Like now.

Saturn and Pluto are regarded as the main indicators of death in a horoscope, not that astrologers would normally predict it to clients, but when looking retrospectively at the time of death these planets are usually activated. But so is Jupiter more often than not, representing release into higher realms. Saturn, exalted in Libra’s scales of justice, relates to the Law of Karma, or Cause and Effect. Jupiter is closely linked with jurisdiction and laws, exalted in Cancer the sign of Divine Mother who ‘rules’ by example rather than force, living embodiment of the divine laws of Love-Wisdom.

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Nature is not insured. A few nights ago I was visited by a friendly nature being in a dream: a jaunty young man sporting a cockle shell as a sun-shield over his nose let me see his adobe home in a sea cavern. He leapt over a rickety wooden fence on the clifftop above the cave and told me “I’m not insured”. Reflecting on this later, the message seems to be that Nature doesn’t have the buffer of insurance policies to protect itself against Acts of Humans so they must resort to protecting themselves in their own way through fire, flood, earthquake and pestilence; they don’t want to hurt humans, rather they long to work in respectful partnership with us, but we leave them little option but to redress the extreme imbalances we have inflicted on Nature.

Jupiter has been conjunct Pluto in the last few days over this full moon time. Technically, Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn in which it is said to be ‘in fall’. Jupiter stands for Wisdom, and our current situation certainly calls for much of that, but we are in danger of looking in the wrong direction for answers and solutions. Jupiter is exalted in the opposite sign of Cancer, sign of the Mother principle of Father-Mother God which forms a three-in-one unity with the Son in the Holy Trinity of Power, Wisdom and Love. Jupiter the greater benefic represents the masculine or Father aspect and is most powerful when married to the feminine sign of Cancer. This is what we are striving to achieve but Jupiter’s debilitation in Capricorn points to a struggle ahead before this happy marriage can be allowed to go ahead, as mirrored ‘below’ by weddings put on hold.

We are in Holy Week with the lunar festival of Easter only days away. In 2011 Neptune entered its own sign Pisces and stays there until 2026, this period representing global spiritual awakening. It seems fitting that the Great Age of Pisces should culminate with a global crucifixion experience, which we should not see as punishment for our sins but as a blessing for souls to move up the evolutionary path towards ascension, which is what the new Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius promises to bring. I love that word ‘evolution’ for it if we look rightly we see that it is the process of love being unfolded, or mirrored back to human consciousness: evol : love

Mankind must be free before we can truly love, therefore, our evolutionary path through the Piscean and into the Aquarian Age necessarily takes us on a journey to greater freedom. Freedom is of course one of the main aims of Aquarius, ruled by Uranus. Uranus is the planet of revolution and liberation from bondage and imprisonment which leads everyone to enlightenment through the process of Self-realisation. Through this planet’s help we can break free of Neptunian-Piscean chains that obscure our true vision, we start to see through the illusions we have subscribed to in the last 2,000 years. If we don’t let this process happen naturally then the natural energy asserts itself with ruthless violence, as witnessed in the French revolutions whose purpose was to free the masses from social, governmental and religious abuses of the prevailing hierarchy. Liberty Egality Fraternity. As an interesting aside, Pluto was moving through Aquarius during the first wave of revolution starting 1789 and Saturn was conjunct Neptune in the second phase in 1846.

The Piscean Age was hierarchical with masculine principle firmly in power. The Aquarian Age will not be, rather there will be greater democracy and flatter structures that are fairer, and power will be spread more evenly with greater parity between the masculine and feminine.

On Black Friday 2008 (28th November) Pluto moved into the first degree of Capricorn and bang on queue brought the first in the current series of financial crises. Today’s events are part of that process which finishes in 2024 when Pluto moves into the next sign Aquarius. Pluto in Capricorn symbolises total breakdown and re-formation of large corporate organisations, governmental structures, corporations, institutions and political systems. In a horoscope Capricorn is linked with the 10th house at the ‘top’ of the chart, reflecting the people, bodies and elite who have an influential and dominating position ‘on top’. What Pluto is doing as it traverses this sign is re-organising things in such a way that the right bodies and structures are put in place so that the aims of the next wave of planetary energy i.e. Uranus-Aquarius will be in its rightful place ‘on top’ to manage the new world order that is coming into being.

The new age is a more democratic one in which the rights and needs of the majority are upheld. It is a sad reflection on the old system that the vast majority of the world’s wealth and influence are controlled by a very, very small minority. Through the agency of the pandemic – which is itself a Neptunian/Piscean thing – humanity is undergoing a collective crucifixion this Easter when we will all be metaphorically nailed to the Cross. We will be fixed to the cross of the fixed signs of the zodiac: Aquarius-Leo, Scorpio-Taurus which represent in Christian tradition the four evangelists respectively Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Two thousand years ago Jesus the Christ ushered in the Piscean Age by acting out for humanity the mystical path Everyone will tread which starts with crucifixion as a precursor to resurrection and later ascension and transfiguration. This occurred at the close of the Age of Aries, symbolised by the Ram, and He brought in a new dispensation symbolised by fishes, each swimming in opposite directions towards the world and heaven. In an act of ritual self-sacrifice the Ram becomes the Lamb of God, which is the reason why lamb has traditionally been served as the Easter Sunday feast. Two thousand years later we are moving into another new dispensation as we break free of old shackles of thinking and move forward with deeper understanding of truth, and it is time to put the new wine into new bottles.

Pluto represents Power. Uranus represents the Individual as well as group associations. The planets are now dismantling old institutions of power and helping to re-distribute it more widely and fairly. In past ages humanity projected his-her personal power onto outside authorities – religious, cultural, ancestral, social - but as Aquarians each individual must take back ownership of their own personal power. This includes our ability to heal ourselves, to make ourselves whole, holy and At-One. Pluto represents the vital life-force energy, the kundalini force that resides at the base of the human spine, and which must rise to the crown of the head in order for enlightenment to occur. The current crisis is symbolic of the greater crisis which is that many individuals are still in thrall to Piscean fears, are unable to believe in their own personal power and consequently they project it onto ‘saviours’. This is not surprisingly since most of us have deeply ingrained past and present life memories of being brow-beaten by religious organisations into believing that to be so.

It is interesting that the current crisis is taking a Neptunian/Piscean form of a virus and that the instinctive response is to look to Neptunian/Piscean solutions ie vaccination. Neptune rules chemicals, drugs, pharmacology, pharmaceuticals. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we shouldn’t be doing any of this, but it is noteworthy that the future is pointing us towards Aquarian solutions. Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn right now, so look in the opposite direction for inspiration and future solutions to our health problems. Uranus/Aquarius relates to the air element and Mind. Alternative scientific methods of healing based on thought-control and on energy and vibrational medicine are the way forward, which includes effective methods of prayer that go far beyond last-resort supplications to be spared.

Saturn in Aquarius will help us to understand that science and spirituality can go hand in hand to solve humanity’s problems. As co-ruler of Aquarius, Saturn tells us that the individual is all-powerful and must take personal responsibility for him-herself first and then support, protect and develop the group. Saturn’s rule by Law of Cause and Effect will make the consequences of our choices very clear very quickly, making us suffer the consequences through nailing us to our crosses. Democracy enables us to put a X on a ballot paper when we cast our vote, showing what is our volition or will. Following very quickly from recent elections in the UK, some consequences are very clear to see including the shortage of doctors and nurses in hospitals and migrant labour to pick crops in our fields. On yesterday’s national radio news a Yorkshire grower of fruit and vegetables put out a plea for young furloughed volunteers to help in the fields to avoid crops rotting in the ground and secure our food supply. This reflects the fact that Uranus moved into Taurus last year, warning us of coming crises (and the need for reform) in farming and agriculture, as well as in finance and the economy.

We must listen to what Nature is telling us. I’m listening to ‘my’ nature being when he says that we are kidding ourselves if we believe that the insurance industry will protect us. We have to do things differently.

Jane Lewis

Last night I dreamt that my mother gave me a bright red jacket which she’d made for me out of fleecy material. My reaction was not as gushingly appreciative as it perhaps should have been but I held back from saying, in my over-honest Aries way, that it was far too bright a colour for me to actually wear! On waking, I interpreted this as a ‘message from Mars’ (my sun ruler) to plug me into the energy of the first day of spring, the exact ingress of the Sun into Aries occurring at 3.50am in the UK this morning. I admit to having gone to bed with feelings of gloom mixed with hopefulness.

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