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White Eagle astrology VR imageUnderstanding The Stars

If you are one of the many people who would like to know something about astrology without having to study an academic course, you will be pleased to know that we have developed a special course just for you; it is called UNDERSTANDING THE STARS.

Unlike our standard training courses, it requires no work to be sent in, no tutor apart from yourself and no mathematical or technical knowledge. Instead, it introduces the esoteric principles and philosophy behind the subject, its history and its function.

Wisdom in the Stars Book - White Eagle Astrology SchoolWisdom in the Stars

The White Eagle Publishing Trust has published several astrology books based on White Eagle’s teaching on the subject, of which by far the oldest and most well-known is WISDOM IN THE STARS, Joan Hodgson’s writings on the esoteric significance of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Since its publication in 1943 it has never been out of print. There have been four editions and numerous reprints.

Astrology The Sacred Science Book - White Eagle Astrology SchoolAstrology the Sacred Science

Joan’s second book, ASTROLOGY THE SACRED SCIENCE, appeared in 1978. This is a very wide-ranging work on esoteric astrology which includes some extensive writing on the seven rays and on the ‘ages’ [of Pisces, Aquarius etc.] which is hard to find anywhere else.

Planetary Harmonies Book - White Eagle Astrology SchoolPlanetary Harmonies

This was followed in 1980 by PLANETARY HARMONIES, an astrological book of meditation, and in 1990 THE STARS AND THE CHAKRAS, on the astrology of spiritual unfoldment.

Homes in the Heavens Book - White Eagle Astrology SchoolHomes in the Heavens

Our latest astrology publication, HOMES IN THE HEAVENS was published in June 2009. This book on the twelve houses of the horoscope, has been written as a companion volume to Joan Hodgson’s well-known book on the twelve signs WISDOM IN THE STARS. Like that volume, it is aimed at the general public and needs no prior astrological study to be easily understood, although it is also strongly recommended for astrology students, who will undoubtedly benefit from its succinct and incisive but accessible approach.

Stella Polaris Magazine from the White Eagle LodgeStella Polaris

Stella Polaris the magazine published bi-monthly by the White Eagle Lodge includes inspiring and uplifting messages by White Eagle.

In addition, there are pages of questions and answers, meditations for the month, and articles by leaders of the Lodge. Those interested in astrology will find articles designed to help the reader work with the cosmic influences of the moment.

Altair Magazine from the White Eagle Astrology SchoolAltair Magazine

The School also publishes a twice-yearly journal ALTAIR, which contains articles on all sorts of astrological subjects, including transcripts of talks and lectures given in the White Eagle Lodge.To view examples of articles which appear in ALTAIR please click here.

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Cds of live talks from the White Eagle Astrology SchoolCD's Live talks

A number of Astrological Talks by Simon Bentley, the Principal of the School of Astrology, are available on CD.

Subjects covered include Barack Obama, Sir Francis Bacon & The Stars in Britain.