Study Notes - Notes on Specific Life Areas (1)


The main houses to look at in the horoscope are the tenth (career), the sixth (employment and service) and the second (money), i.e. the three earthy houses. Note carefully the distinction between career and employment, two things that are constantly confused. One career can consist of many different periods of employment. When advising clients on career it is important to ascertain not only what work they are suited to but also what matters to them most in their work. If they have a definite vocation which they wish to pursue regardless of other issues, the tenth house will matter most. If, however, they want an employment situation that is as harmonious as possible, the sixth house matters more. If they are particularly interested in service occupations, then look for strong links between the tenth and sixth. If money is the primary motive, however, then the choice of work will be governed primarily by the second house. If the work involves money in some way, then look for strong links between the second and tenth or sixth.

A satellitium in a house will often affect career choice. For example, a strong group in the second may draw a client to accountancy or banking, in the ninth to higher education, travel or work abroad, and so on.

In any chart, it is also important to pay attention to the ascendant and the interaction between it and the midheaven. The latter is the main pointer in the chart as regards one’s work in the outside world, but sometimes it does not sit well with the ascendant, which shows the client’s natural inclinations. For example, someone with Moon and Jupiter rising in Sagittarius would want to travel or to work in higher education or philosophy, or out of doors as a sports coach perhaps, or park ranger. However, if Saturn is in Virgo on the midheaven, the chances are that that desire will not be realised until later in life, if at all, and probably for karmic reasons. The tenth-house circumstances would take the client into an office management type of job which he/she would probably detest!

However much karma may be involved in one’s work, however, it is usually possible for the astrologer to give considerable help in this area so that most clients end up with something reasonably congenial. Below you will find a brief list of some of the careers associated with the various planets and signs.


Leadership of any kind; anything involving being a parental figure or the centre of attention; company chair; entertainment, both as promoter and actual entertainer; goldsmith or jeweller; optician; work with children; creative work in general (but actual direction of it dependent on other features in the chart); sport (also Jupiter/Sagittarius); holiday organisers and agents; heart specialist (with strong Mars/Virgo/Scorpio)


Parental types of work, but as a mother-figure rather than the father-figure of Leo, thus many forms of social work, fostering, care worker; work done in people’s homes and dealing with their routine needs; work involving food and nourishment (but diet issues more Virgo); domestic science; cookery and restaurants; estate management and housekeeping; water industry; oil industry; shopkeeping; work with the public in general (actual direction indicated by other features); work with women and women’s issues; security and safety; clothing in its protective function (fashion and design are Venus matters)


Anything to do with communication and routine travel such as mail delivery, public transport, telephone, fax, computers, journalism, printing, radio and television, secretarial work, agents in general, driving, teaching. Gemini affecting the work houses also often manifests in two different types of work carried on concurrently. On the Virgo side, health and service professions: medicine (both orthodox and alternative), diet, ‘service’ in the old-fashioned sense, all basic routine and repetitive work; anything calling for great precision such as proof-reading; craftsmanship; chemistry and pharmacy (also Pisces); horticulture (also Taurus)


Money, accountancy, banking, investment; mathematics and economics; farming and horticulture; architecture and building; many forms of design work both interior and exterior; beauty and decoration; the arts in general; dealing in antiques and works of art; diplomacy and statesmanship, politics; counselling; some professional sports (one-to-one situations as in e.g. tennis or chess). Strong Libra, perhaps curiously, often draws people to military careers too, despite the traditional (and correct) association with Mars.


Military careers; engineering; medicine, especially surgical and paramedical work and pathology; police and detective work, secret service, security (also Saturn); manufacture of/work with metals; recycling, drainage, water purification; demolition and clearance of all kinds; explorers and pioneers of all descriptions; hairdressing (with Venus); occult work: psychics and clairvoyants, mediums, the occult sciences (also Aquarius); undertaking; work with the dying as in a hospice; coroner; bereavement counsellor


‘The professions’ in general, particularly law and religion; lecturing (also Aquarius); publishing; travel in its widest sense, thus travel agency, airlines, shipping, the space programme (also Neptune); languages, interpreters; sports; anything connected with chance, luck or probability such as horse-racing and betting, insurance, professional gambling; writer or teacher of literature, librarian; astronomer; anyone acting as a guide to others, teacher, scout leader, travel guide etc.


Anything involving organizational ability, administration, management; geology and mineralogy, crystallography; work with the elderly or with old or ancient objects, archaeology, palaeontology; osteopathy, orthopaedics, dentistry; work at night, in the dark or underground (also Pluto) such as mining, all kinds of shift work, security; established institutions in general; work with time such as clock and watch manufacture, diaries and calendars


Scientific pursuits in general; technology, computers, radio and television; lecturing (also Jupiter); electricity, electronics; psychology, astrology; intellectual pursuits in general; humanitarian work; work involving rays and waves (in every possible sense); work requiring individuality and great strength of will


The sea, water in general, travel by air, water and in space; water and oil industries (also other water signs); large organizations in which workers are insignificant; work in hospitals, prisons, monasteries, convents and other confined situations; religious pursuits; self-sacrificial work in general; chemistry and pharmacy (also Scorpio); psychic and mediumistic work (also Scorpio); dance and drama (also Aquarius and Leo); music (also Venus); painting; work for large causes, charity work; plumbing; reflexology

Pluto (see also Mars/Scorpio):

All work that involves responsibility for life and death such as many branches of medicine; genetics; medical and other scientific research (also Aquarius); work done in isolation; secret work of all kinds; work underground such as mining (also Saturn), undersea work; secret societies and brotherhoods; anything involving exceptionally large amounts of money and energy; magic; vulcanology; occult pursuits in general, including astrology itself.