Some Notes on the Moon

While the Sun symbolizes the spirit and shows the basic lessons and work of the life and the ascendant shows the outer face and the manner in which we meet those lessons and that work, the Moon is symbolic of the ‘little earthly self’, with all its faults, foibles and imperfections.

It shows the automatic and habitual behaviour, especially those characteristics which have become ingrained, perhaps through past-life behaviour and experience. It shows the way we tend to behave when in the privacy of our own homes, our emotional nature (in a general sense), our private life.

While the Sun tends to look towards the future and the ascendant is very much the ‘here and now’, the Moon harks back to the past, in every sense. One’s heredity, in the physical sense of the word, is shown by the Moon, i.e. parentage and ancestry, but it also shows heredity in the sense of what has been brought over from past lives.

It is not wise to try to stretch this symbolism too far for two reasons: one, it is a general influence rather than a specific one, two, other features in the chart will of course also be relevant. Having said this, though, the Moon can tell you a great deal about what has gone before.

Because the Moon is so much more ‘ordinary’ than the Sun in its symbolism, you will often find that the Moon in a sign manifests much more ‘typical’ characteristics of that sign than does the Sun there. Most people readily recognize their Moon sign characteristics in themselves, even if they don’t always want to admit it!

Aspects between the Moon and the other major significators, especially the Sun and Mercury, require close attention. For example, a conflicting aspect between Moon and Mercury will often indicate someone who is very self-critical, as well as critical of others, because he/she dislikes features represented by the Moon and is trying, through the power of thought, to overcome and change them—remember, as one thinks, so one becomes.

Similarly, conflict between Sun and Moon shows a sharp change between past and future which may require much effort to adapt to. In progression, the Moon is commonly implicated at times of change, especially domestic and emotional change. Aspects between the progressed or converse Sun and natal Moon are the most typical of all of this kind of change.

The Moon also, always, regardless of sex, has reference to the Divine Mother principle in life, and shows how well this is or is not integrated into the personality.

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