Some Notes on the Sun

The overwhelming majority of approaches to astrology in both East and West emphasise the great significance of the Sun, regardless of what else may be happening in an individual horoscope. This is as it should be. Physically, the Sun is the centre of our system and all life depends upon it. Symbolically, i.e. astrologically, it represents what is at centre, at the heart of life. This applies at all levels and means the physical heart as well as one’s deepest desires and aspirations.

Above all, the Sun represents the ‘soul lesson’ of the life, the real and most fundamental reason behind the incarnation, so if you wish to know why a soul has incarnated, in general and basic terms, the Sun is the body that will tell you.

Its sign-position indicates the basic lesson, as in the element and quality of that sign, the house position the area of life in which the lesson will be chiefly met, and the aspects the various dimensions and issues of that lesson, and how it integrates with the life and personality as a whole.

One of the useful things about the Sun is its simplicity. It makes a statement in the horoscope but is seldom in any way complicated in its implications. Understanding the Sun’s message in a chart enables you much better to understand everything else. For a horoscope to make complete sense, you need to know what the Sun is saying as it will affect your perception of everything else.

Because of the Sun’s overriding importance in a general sense, we tend to forget that in its own way, it is a ‘planet’ too, and (as with the other ‘neutrals’, the Moon and Mercury) while its meanings are not usually as specific as those of the planets from Venus outwards it does have its own characteristics which can manifest when the Sun is particularly strong in a horoscope.

As you would expect the Sun is bright, warm, dominant, and is linked with any personality quality that shows these traits. If the Sun happens to be rising, these traits will manifest whatever sign the Sun is in, although the sign will modify the manifestation somewhat.

The Sun is also linked with leadership, authority, royalty and any situation which calls for a father-figure. Just as the Moon is representative of Divine Mother, so the Sun is representative of God the Father. The Sun and the Moon are the Divine Parents, guiding the soul along its appointed path.

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