Study Notes on Uranus

As the first planet outside Saturn’s orbit, in many ways Uranus is everything that Saturn isn’t. It is unconventional, iconoclastic, extraordinary (in the literal meaning of that word, outside the ordinary), new-age, often outspoken and self-willed. While Saturn contains and restricts and structures, Uranus breaks out, breaks down, sweeping away the ‘old’ and making way for the ‘new’. 

Esoterically, the planet is concerned with the will, and particularly with the soul’s task of learning to will the Will of God, to work actively to carry out that Will and to ‘bear aloft the lamp of truth’. God’s truth is for all to see and is not to be restricted to any chosen few. Uranus holds that lamp in the most prominent possible position. 

As an external result of this, you almost always know where you are with very Uranian people. Whether or not one ‘gets on’ with them, one can almost always respect them. They not infrequently have leadership qualities, and in such a context the fact that ‘what you see is what you get’ means that you always know what they stand for. 

They are not given to caring what others think of them as a rule, unless the rest of the horoscope suggests otherwise, and simply drive forward in their own way. Obviously, this can have its drawbacks; souls working strongly under this planet often have to learn deep lessons through the thwarting of self-will, through not being able to have or to do what they want. 

Acceptance of God’s will is the great test. When this happens, the truthfulness and determination are coupled with humility, and great things are possible. 

At the mental level Uranus is particularly stimulating, encouraging lateral thinking, an active intuition, and flashes of genius. Science and invention are congenial spheres of work; it is also said to be the astrologer’s planet. Many intellectual breakthroughs and scientific discoveries have been made under the influence of Uranus. 

There is a tendency to a highly strung nervous system, and this can result in impatience. These people do not suffer fools gladly and may sometimes need to learn tact and diplomacy. 

Emotionally, Uranus tends to be rather more challenging. It is commonly linked with sudden attractions and repulsions in relationships and with any unconventional relationships, with divorce and other relationship breakdowns, but it can work well in situations where both parties respect the other’s need for ‘space’. 

It can bring a vitality and constant renewal to a relationship and is never boring! There is a temptation to look for constant excitement, which may lead to trouble, but provided that can be suitably controlled, there can be advantages. 

There is often more genuineness and truth in a Uranian partnership than any other, because the souls concerned never feel the need to conform to the ideas of others about what constitutes a ‘good’ relationship. 

At any level but especially spiritually, the Uranian soul, once having seen truth, pursues it regardless of any trials and tribulations it may have to go through to do so. It will live by it, and often act as an example to others too.

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