White Eagle School of Astrology Annual Gathering 'Wheels Within Wheels''

Wisdom School Events
28 June 2019 16:00 - 30 June 2019 16:00
New Lands Retreat House - Newlands, Brewells Ln, Liss GU33 7HY, UK
01730 893300
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This year’s astrological get-together is entitled ‘Wheels within Wheels’ and will be on the theme of the two zodiacs, tropical and sidereal. Since each one works for those who use them, what can we deduce as to their different significance and purpose? We shan’t be seeking to overturn the well-recognized value of the tropical zodiac we use in our work, but attempting to understand at what level(s) each zodiac works and how that might help us to increase our astrological understanding.

As always, the gathering is open to all; however, a basic knowledge of astrology will be assumed.

Cost: £60 per day full board, £45 B&B and £8 per meal. Residents arrive on Thursday evening and may stay until Monday morning.

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  • From 28 June 2019 16:00 to 30 June 2019 16:00
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