(A poem created and read by Jenny Bateman, and set to actions in the Family Service 4th June 2017)

I crept from the house early morningFairies by MB
The garden was misty and still
The sun was a beautiful yellow
As it silently rose o’er the hill
I knew everyone else was still sleeping
And thought that I was on my own
When, all at once in the garden,
I knew that I wasn’t alone.

As the light of the sun grew much stronger
It played on the flowers and trees
From out of the mist in the garden
Came a movement like that of a breeze
As I watched, from the tangle of flowers,
There ventured a figure, so slight
With clothes like petals of daisies
And wings that shimmered with light.

As I stared in bewildered amazement
Another came, this time in blue
From where the forget-me-nots straggled
In such cheerful profusion they grew.
Soon from every direction came dancing
These tiniest beings of light
Each flower was there represented
Pale pinks to the colours most bright.

So happy they danced in the sunbeams
And played in the dew on the grass
Light and colour all mingled together
Such beauty could nothing surpass.
As I stood so entranced in the garden
Came the echoing slam of a door!
The fairies all fled to their flowers
My garden was empty once more.
I’ve searched many times in the garden

But never can find any trace
Of the wonderful beings I saw there
Of the beauty they brought to that place.
Yet now when I walk in the garden
To see how the flowers have grown
When everything’s still and the sun’s o’er the hill
I know that I’m never alone!
I know that I’m never alone!