EarthholdingWe’ve talked before about the wonderful place where we rest between our physical lives on earth and which we call Heavens garden. Oh it’s such an amazing place…. where all sorts of different experiences can be enjoyed that are just not possible while we are in our rather heavy physical bodies on earth.

Can you imagine what it would be like to think yourself into all sorts of different experiences – what it may be like to be a tree, or an elephant or a whale! To go to a desert, or the bottom of the sea! ...

What do you think you may like to experience? Well that’s the kind of thing that can happen in Heavens garden! We meet and share experiences with all sorts of amazing souls and of course with all our loved ones who are now in spirit. I’m sure it must feel like having the best holiday ever!

But today we have also been thinking about what we love about our wonderful world. Perhaps playing in the sea, swimming in a river, running and dancing, smelling the newly mown grass and the perfume of the flowers…stroking your pet etc (refer to what others have said before). And there are many experiences that we can only enjoy when we have our physical bodies; however heavy they may seem compared to our bodies of light.

So I’m sure , in Heavens garden , its always with some excitement that we decide the time is right to talk with our guardian angels and spirit guides and choose our new parents down on earth and think about coming back to enjoy another life in a new body!

In Heavens garden, we also remember that there are many, many angels who work tirelessly to look after our beautiful planet earth; angels who so enjoyed creating the many wondrous creatures, birds, insects, plants and trees, and who now watch over them all with such love and tenderness. And watching over all these angels is the greatest angel of all, the great Angel of the Earth, who cradles the whole earth in her loving arms.

Now today we are going to think about the time when some of the children in heaven’s garden are just deciding to come back down to earth. They are getting quite excited planning what they would like to do when they come back ; who they would meet up with, who they might have as brothers and sisters and mums and dads and friends and pets.
Now just as they are preparing to be born they are very surprised and just a little bit scared to be told that the great Angel of the Earth wants to see them. As they come into her presence she seems to be everywhere and yet nowhere. Just a sense of immense power, light and love fills their hearts.

Can you imagine their surprise when this amazing being of light says that she needs their help in looking after the shining jewel of planet earth!

My dear little star children, she says I would like you to be great ambassadors from this, our beautiful world of light. Planet earth needs your special love and care at this time, and she needs each one of you to return back to earth to help her. Our precious wondrous planet is feeling a little ignored and unloved at the moment. We need to make sure that everyone begins to value and love the earth a little more.- to remember that everything on earth, and I do mean everything, has its own life and energy that needs to be used wisely and with reverence. Your mission is to help spread the word and bring your special pure love to the planet.

With this message planted in their hearts, the great Earth Angel slowly moves away back to her work of cradling the earth in her loving arms. The children then can’t wait to get back to earth as soon as possible to do as the great angel has asked.

But one of the children is a little troubled- she remembers that she has come back down to earth before to do certain things, and that once she is in her new physical body she completely forgets what she had meant to do! The children talk about this and decide to ask their own guardian angels how they can remember.

We will plant the thought deeply in your hearts, the angels say. But, just to help you even more, we will also arrange for you all to come together, maybe quite a few times, at a very special Temple on Earth and we will remind you of your mission of love. And when you are there, especially when you have a moment or two of quietness, we will gently plant a seed of an idea in your minds and hearts to remind you of a few little things that you can do to look after the world.

And so this is what happens – indeed this is what IS happening right now, for the children in Heaven’s garden are you and you and you and you and me … and all of us here together.

And we are all here to be reminded that we have, each one of us, come to earth to bring our love and wisdom to help our world continue to be the shining, precious jewel that it truly is… and maybe to develop in ways that we can’t even yet imagine!