astrology(Written by Jenny Bateman using White Eagle’s teaching and information from Joan Hodgson’s book ‘Wisdom in the Stars’.
Read and enacted at the Family Service in the Temple August 2018)

This story doesn’t have a title because it’s not about any one person, either real or fictional. This is the story of every one of us sitting here today. It’s the wonderful story of our lives, in which we each star as the hero or heroine. This story is like a play in which we take part and was written for each of us individually. If you’ve read Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like it’ you’ll remember the famous line ‘All the World’s a stage and men and women merely players’. Whether we believe it or not, we also had a hand in writing this play of our lives because, long before we came into this incarnation, we decided with the help of our guides, just what we wanted to achieve in this lifetime. These achievements don’t mean a flashy car, a big house, loads of money or fame as an actor or football star: these achievements are far more important and last for ever. We came here to work on ourselves and to gain experiences which would help us to be wiser and to be more conscious of the real nature of things. And, as we grow in love and wisdom, through our experiences, we will eventually gain complete mastery over ourselves and over physical matter and become fully conscious that we are one with our Father/Mother God – a state, which White Eagle tells us, is complete and utter happiness.

An earthly incarnation also gives us the opportunity to put right mistakes made in past lifetimes. Making mistakes is a necessary part of our experience as evolving souls and every mistake is ultimately positive because that’s the way we learn and grow. The great masters in the world of light understand this. They have had numerous incarnations themselves and so look upon us with great tenderness and understanding because they know very well how difficult and confusing life on earth can be.

So how is it that our individual ‘play’ was written for us before we were born and how is it that the exact experiences come to us that we need for our spiritual growth? All of us were born under the particular influence of a star sign, of which there are twelve, known collectively as the ‘signs of the zodiac’. I’m sure that, even if you know nothing else about astrology, you’ll know what star sign you were born under! However, don’t confuse the superficial, light-hearted level of astrology in newspapers and magazines with esoteric astrology which is quite different. To draw up an accurate birth chart for anyone, an astrologer needs to know the time as well as their date of birth thus showing the exact positions of the sun, moon and all the planets when they were born. This way an insight can be obtained into the person’s temperament and character and to a degree the major events which will influence his or her life.

As we know, the sun is not the only fixed star and is by no means the largest. Around and about it are myriads of other stars, constellations and stars in the making. At the centre of our universe is, of course, our own sun without which we could not exist for it is the source of all life on earth. Around the sun each planet has its own orbit or pathway known as the circle of the zodiac. This circle is divided into twelve sections called the signs of the zodiac. If you look up at the dome of the temple right above you, you’ll see the symbols which represent each sign of the zodiac. These signs are named after the constellations (collections) of stars most closely associated with them. They are:


Each sign is related to one of the four elements, fire, earth, air and water and the angels of these elements play a very important part in the education of us all.

If you look at the four beautifully decorated pillars you’ll be able to find your own birth sign and, at the top of the pillar the lesson which this element teaches and which is of particular relevance to you in this lifetime.

They are: FIRE teaches LOVE

Now would everyone who would like to take part, find their own birth sign and to go and stand by the pillar representing this sign.

Let’s look at our first element FIRE which governs the signs of ARIES LEO and SAGITTARIUS
The element FIRE teaches the lesson of love, its power, mystery and magic and the experiences when you are born under a fire sign are designed to show the true meaning of love.

The next element is EARTH which is the element concerning TAURUS VIRGO and CAPRICORN
This element EARTH is concerned with helping man’s spirit to gain mastery over physical matter and teaches the practical lesson of service.

Next we come to the AIR element, predominant in the signs of GEMINI LIBRA and AQUARIUS
The element, AIR, helps men and women to cultivate true brotherhood with their fellows, recognising their weaknesses and strengths, while remaining unmoved by petty slights, hurts and jealousies.

Now we come to the signs under the WATER element, CANCER SCORPIO and PISCES
Those who incarnate with the WATER element strongly emphasised in their sign are swayed by feeling and emotion so the lesson is to learn to control those emotions and so to find peace.

You may have heard the expression ‘On the cusp’. Those people born between 20th and 24th of any month are in a transition stage so their experiences of life will, to some extent be a blending of the lessons of two elements, those of their sign and the next one in the zodiac. Of course, all of us receive influences from every sign or planet but, in most people, one element predominates.

Each element has both positive and negative influences and the mastery of each element presents a different problem to us all. However, there are three phases in each element which are called cardinal, fixed and mutable. Now let’s look at these three phases. Think of the seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Cardinal signs mark the beginning of each season and are signs of action or the bringing in of that season. They are:
ARIES, the beginning of Spring CANCER heralds the start of summer LIBRA brings in the Autumn CAPRICORN, the beginning of winter

The fixed signs are when the season is in full swing and represent the established order. They are:
TAURUS, Spring LEO, Summer SCORPIO, Autumn AQUARIUS, Winter

The mutable signs represent the breaking up of the old order and the preparation of the way for the new season. They are:

GEMINI, the end of Spring VIRGO, the end of Summer SAGITTARIUS, the end of Autumn PISCES, the end of Winter

All of us experience, through many, many incarnations, being born under the various signs, so that we can experience and master each element in all three of its phases.

So you can see that, despite what appears to be random events and relationships in our lives, there is a definite purpose behind everything which happens to us. We all, through each lifetime, experience both happiness and sadness, success and failure, periods when nothing seems to go right and times when everything seems to fall at our feet. The trick, as I understand it, is not to be phased by anything and most of us, including me, are very far from attaining this kind of mastery. However, once we really understand, deep in our hearts, that nothing happens by chance, that our lives are guided from the moment we are born and that God’s love never fails us even in our darkest moments then we are on the way to that mastery. Part of our learning process is to trust and to have confidence in the great love of God and to know, without doubt, that all is well no matter what is happening to us. Not easy when we are faced with the many challenges which life brings in all its various aspects.

White Eagle teaches us that the physical sun is also the sign and symbol of a greater spiritual sun, the fire of love, symbolic of our Creator. He also says that just as the sun is the centre of light and power within the outer universe so, within each of us is also a tiny sun, the centre of our own individual universe. Every person is building his or her own universe with this ‘sun’ or light within their hearts. This light is a part of God, the pure spirit of God which will gradually become brighter and stronger as we endeavour to learn all of the lessons which our earth incarnations will teach us.

Nothing happens by accident, however it may appear on the surface. So, whatever brought you here to White Eagle’s temple today, it didn’t happen by chance. You are all sitting here in this temple listening to the wisdom which White Eagle brought through Minesta, our founder, from the great masters in the world of light. By just being here, though you may not be aware of it, you are being touched by the light of these masters as they help you along your own individual pathway to learn the great soul lesson of the sign under which you were born. You are the ‘star’ of this, your own story, the hero or heroine, who will eventually find perfect happiness, for God is perfect happiness.

If you’d like to learn more about your own star sign I can highly recommend Joan Hodgson’s wonderful book ‘Wisdom in the Stars’ from which I have quoted freely.