A story read at our April 16 White Eagle Family Service on the theme of ‘Healing Colours’.

Once upon a time, there lived a couple who for many, many years had longed to have a child of their own. Imagine their joy when they found out that they were expecting a baby! As the months went by before the baby was due, only one thing slightly Rainbow and persondampened their spirits, and that was the weather! It seemed as though it had rained and rained for months on end. Everywhere was waterlogged and sodden and people were feeling very gloomy.

Just as the baby was about to be born, a clearing finally appeared in the clouds and for the first time in months the sun shone through the rain and lit up the room with golden light. Everyone looked out of the window and their hearts leapt as they saw the most beautiful rainbow appearing in the sky...

As they marvelled at the wonderful colours, the little baby was born, a beautiful tiny girl. As she seemed to have arrived with the rainbow, her delighted parents named her Arco Iris, which meant rainbow in their language.

Iris (for this is what her name got shortened to) grew up to be a very special child. She had a very sunny, happy nature and whenever she came into a room with her warm smile, people would feel that she had brought rays of sunlight in with her.

If Iris did ever feel tired, sad or fed up, she would stop and check herself, close her eyes and imagine the sun coming out from behind a cloud, through the refreshing rain and forming a rainbow, just like it had done at the time of her birth. She would then smile inwardly as she pictured the clear, radiant colours. The more Iris pictured her beloved rainbow, the more the colours came alive for her. As she pictured the rainbow in her mind, it felt as though great flowing beings made out of the different colours came down to earth and touched her heart. It made her feel so happy and peaceful.

One day when Iris was out for a walk, she saw a little rabbit lying by the side of the path. Its foot had been caught in some sharp prickly thorn bushes and it was obviously in a great deal of pain. Iris’s heart went out to the rabbit and she sat down beside the trembling creature to give it comfort. As she wondered how she could help ease the rabbit’s pain, the thought of her beloved rainbow suddenly came into her mind. As she pictured the rainbow, the colour of the blue ray of the arc felt particularly strong, and, as she knew how comforting these colours always felt for her, she closed her eyes and imagined the little rabbit enfolded in clear blue light. Then she imagined a beam of sunlight coming out from behind a cloud and pictured the bunny bathed in the golden light. When she opened her eyes she was delighted to see that the rabbit had stopped shaking and was looking much calmer and happier. As she sat and stroked it for a little while longer she imagined she was stroking in more of the rainbow colours and began to sense those great flowing rainbow beings around her. After a short time, the rabbit twitched his little nose and carefully began to hop off across the fields. Iris had a sense that something very special had taken place.

After that, every time she saw another sick animal she would do the same thing – sit quietly and picture those radiant rainbow colours. Different colours came to her mind and she started to learn which colours helped different illnesses.

One day her mother became sick. Nobody seemed to be able to help her get better; none of the medicines seemed to do very much and each day she became weaker and weaker. Iris was so very worried that for a while she forgot all about her beautiful rainbow and her life seemed to have been darkened by a very black cloud.

She had heard of a lady in a far away village who was said to be a gifted healer and who was sometimes able to help people get better when everything else had failed. Iris decided that she must go and see her and ask her if she could help to heal her mother.

The lady healer welcomed Iris and took hold of her hands and gave her a warm smile. The lady’s gentle smile reminded Iris of the sun coming out after the rain, and the thought of her beautiful rainbow suddenly flashed into her mind. How had she forgotten it for so long? In an instant she knew what she had to do for her mother. The healer smiled at her for she sensed what had just happened.

‘My dear Arco Iris,’ she said, ‘My little Rainbow child. You are blessed with the great gift of healing yourself and I sense the radiant Angels of healing around you. I believe that you already know them well.’

In an instant Iris understood that the great flowing rainbow beings were really the angels of healing and that she only had to call on their help and they would bring their healing power to her mother.

‘Oh I must go back quickly to my mother before she gets any worse,’ cried Iris. But the kind lady healer reassured her that even from this far away village they could ask the angels of healing to go to her mother and start to help her get better. So together they pictured the colours and asked for the angels help, and by the time Iris had returned to her home her mother was already feeling so much better.

In the years that followed Iris often visited the wise healer and learned more about the magic of the healing colours and how to use them. In time she also taught others how to picture the colours and use them to help others, for she realised that everyone has this power to help and to heal.

And although this story happened a long time ago, the most wonderful thing is that you too can call on the angels and learn how to use those amazing colours to heal.