A story by Anna Hayward read at the Family Service on April 2nd 2017Rainbow and person

‘Sliding down the red is so exciting!’

‘Oh no, I like the happy yellow...it’s brilliant!’

What do you think the elves are talking about?

Why yes, these are the rainbow elves and one of the good things about being a rainbow elf is that you get to play on the rainbows, just like you would on a slide.

If you look up into the sky and see a rainbow, you might just catch them whizzing down the colours, laughing and dropping off the end into the blue/grey sky. Another joy they have when they reach the end is to race the raindrops to the ground. They never win, but they keep on trying. Usually they end up diving into puddles. That’s another thing you might see some time, rainbow elves falling into big puddles along with the raindrops.

Of course there are some elves who prefer slowing slipping down the blue. These elves like peaceful things to do, and then there are elves who are happiest on the green.

Wait, one of them is saying something...

‘I like the green...on the green you get the best of two colours together...you get a bit of the blue and a bit of the yellow. So you get fun and it lasts longer.’

‘What about the violet colour?’ I hear one of you ask. Well this is where our story begins...

Once upon a time there was a newly graduated elf called Lucida. He had a lot to learn, but he thought he knew it all right from the start. He strutted around feeling special, and when it came to the rainbow game he was full of importance. He would only slide down the violet.

He had heard from some angels in the Temple that the violet ray was special and very, very modern...the ray for the New Age they called it. (He was spying on them at the time.) So when it came to the rainbow, well, no other colour would do for him. So he hogged the violet, and the other elves had to wait for ages for a turn.

Most of the time the elves just put up with this because they are very loving and they understood that Lucida was not really bad, just not thinking straight.

However, one day the queue of elves waiting for their turn on the violet ray stretched right across the sky from east to west, whilst Lucida got himself ready to slide. He was right at the top of the rainbow arch and couldn’t decide which way to go, right or left and he was dithering.

This long line of elves, sitting on the clouds, waiting their turn to slide came to the attention of the angels of the colour rays, who suddenly appeared in the sky above the rainbow, making the colours even brighter.

Now angels tend to know what is happening without being told...they are clever like that...so they knew that Lucida was responsible for the hold-up and why!

They decided to help him think straight. Suddenly before Lucida’s eyes, as he was hopping from side to side at the top of the rainbow, the violet angel appeared in all his majestic form...radiating power and the most glorious violet light. He scooped Lucida up into his aura, which Lucida thought was fantastic and made him very special indeed. Then the violet angel told Lucida he was taking him to the most glorious, wonderful, important example of the violet ray possible!

You can imagine how proud Lucida was as he flew through the air in the angel’s aura, passed the line of waiting elves, which could now start to move and slide. He felt so special!

The violet angel swooped down to earth in a little wood in the middle of nowhere, and deposited Lucida on the ground. Lucida looked around, expecting to see a grand temple, at least, or maybe one of the masters walking towards him. But no, it was just an ordinary wood in an ordinary part of the world. ‘Where is the most special violet?’ Lucida asked the angel. ‘Why look down, Lucida, at your feet.’ All Lucida could see were these little flowers. Yes, they were violet-coloured, but not very grand or interesting at all. ‘But it’s just a simple little flower’, said Lucida, feeling disappointed and deflated.

‘Do you want to know the real secret of the violet ray; the secret of its power?’ ‘Wow’ thought Lucida. ‘Oh, yes please’, he replied. He was so excited he danced from one foot to the other, not realising he was trampling the tender flowers.

‘The magical secret of the violet ray’, said the angel in a quiet, gentle voice ‘Is contained in the flowers you are squashing under your feet.’ Lucida stopped jumping about and looked down again at the tiny little violets, bending their heads to the earth and lifting their faces to the sun. The violet angel continued, ‘They are simple and humble’.

Lucida bent down towards the flowers to get a better look, and as he did so, the sweet scent of the violets drifted up towards him. He breathed in the lovely fragrance and was flooded with new understanding...he could feel the simple, humble strength of the violet. He also had a flashback of his actions since he became an elf and hung his head in shame. ‘No’, said the angel, ‘do not feel ashamed, life is all about learning and this is a lesson you will now never forget.’

From that day to this, Lucida slides down all the colours equally. He often gives up his place in the queue to others, and every day he thanks the Great Spirit for the lessons he is trying to learn.

Next time you see a rainbow, wave, and Lucida will wave back.