How Do I Become A Member?

For those living in the UK or Europe, all you need to do is to print, complete and return the online form. The basic rate for UK Membership is £36 per annum, for Europe it is £42. There are special rates for couples and families and also equivalent concessionary rates (Again, if you wish to contribute more than the basic rate, this is greatly appreciated). We ask new Members, if at all possible, to subscribe via Direct Debit, ideally by a convenient monthly debit (e.g. £3.00 per month for the standard rate). You are welcome to send a covering letter with your application, as we always value contact with the person behind the name. However this is entirely up to you.

When we receive your application we will write to welcome you with useful information and suggestions for joining in, in whatever way feels right for you. Your first issue of Stella Polaris will arrive shortly afterwards, on publication.

Filling out Your Membership Application (United Kingdom and Europe) 

SPlatestPlease fill out the membership form and mail to:

The White Eagle Lodge

Brewells Lane,
Rake, Liss, 
Hampshire, GU33 7HY

Membership Joining Form UK and Europe pdf.


Filling out Your Membership Application (outside the UK/Europe)

For those living outside the UK/Europe, please visit our International website to find the centre nearest to you where you can contact a Centre or Lodge for membership information specific to where you live. If your country is not mentioned in the list, please contact the Mother Lodge in the UK for information.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.