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In the Library at the Westminster Quaker Meeting House · 8 Hop Gardens, Off St Martin’s Lane, London WC2N 4EH

Weekly on Mondays:
10.30am Meditation Class (contact Colum for details).
12 noon service for humanity
1.30pm Meditation for London
1.45pm Reading of a White Eagle Teaching
2.15pm Contact Healing Service
3.00pm Absent Healing (Human and Animal Groups)
3.45pm Earth Healing service
5.45 pm Discussion and meditation on aspects of the teaching

Weekly on Thursdays:
10.30am Meditation Class (contact Colum for details).
12 noon Sending out the Light
12.30pm Absent Healing groups
1.15pm Silent meditation
1.55pm Reading from a White Eagle Teaching
2.15pm Contact Healing Service (new patients please arrive by 1.45pm)
3.00pm Absent Healing groups and tea break
3.45pm Community Discussion
5.00pm Earth Healing Service
5.30pm Community Service for Humanity
6.00pm Contact Healing Service (new patients please arrive by 5.30pm)
6.45pm Special Events (see below and calendar)
12.30 for 12.45pm second and fourth Saturdays: A Little Service of Peace

Special Events

SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE AND HIS PART IN THE WHITE EAGLE STORY’: Our special day on November 3rd focuses on the extraordinary teaching the newly-released Sir Arthur brought to our work at its inception, particularly in the context of the higher spheres of life through to the celestial plane. Co-ordinated by Colum Hayward: other speakers Leslie Price, historian of Spiritualism and Theosophy, and Jeremy Hayward. Booking advisable; donation in the region of £10 requested. Bring vegetarian packed lunch or expect to eat out. Refreshments provided.
For full programme click here.

10.30 for 11.00 am to 4.30 pm. (Note that this event was formerly advertised for October 20th)

A new Course Series on Mondays

The theme for our weekly discussion and meditation is ‘Aspects of the Six-Pointed Star’. We meet at 5.45 pm prompt for a half hour of discussion followed by a half hour of meditation. Please ring the bell between 5.30 and 5.45 for admission. Titles as follows. October 15: ‘A Symbol of Stillness’. October 22: ‘A Symbol of Perfection’. October 29: ‘An Indicator of our Path’. November 5: ‘A Radiance’. November 12 no class. November 19: ‘A Smoother of Karma’. November 26: ‘A Symbol of the White Magic’. December 3: ‘A Working Tool’.

Full Moon Meditations

Thursdays at 6.45pm: October 11th, November 8th, December 6th (note that these do not quite fit the full moons themselves this session)

Group Meditations

These hour-long sessions at 6.45pm are intended for all who have fully completed the White Eagle training. Dates: August 2nd, October 4th, November 15th, December 13th. Contact Colum for details.

Film Evenings

We are offering two films this autumn: on October 18th we shall show ‘Intnetional Community’, a film about Braziers Park, and on November 22nd ‘The Story of the Weeping Camel’ an extraordinary and touching tale about remotest Asia.


Upcoming Events

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Our Best-Attended Event Ever!

Colum writes: 'Discounting Christmas celebrations, our recent day event, ‘Arthur Conan Doyle and his connection with the White Eagle work’ attracted the largest audience we have ever had in the room in which we meet, the Library at the Westminster Friends’ Meeting House – even despite rail strikes and tube dislocation, which prevented small parties from further afield attending!
Our visiting speaker, Leslie Price, historian of both Spiritualism and Theosophy, gave a sensitive and intriguing account of the life of Conan Doyle, bringing us up to the moment of his death. That was the point at which his connection with the Lodge really began, for after death he gave an astonishing series of messages through Grace Cooke. The story of how that contact came about was told by Colum Hayward – it also brings in the legendary Polaire brotherhood. After lunch Jeremy Hayward gave us a resumé of the messages themselves, which take us from the lowest astral plane to the highest celestial. Finally, Colum looked at the relevance of the messages today and how they affect the future of our work.
Those interested in the story are directed to the book 'Arthur Conan Doyle's Book of the Beyond', edited by Ivan Cooke, obtainable from the Lodge, and also to 'The View', edited by Dave Patrick (published by Polair and also available from New Lands).
See the 2019 Events Brochure or here for our plans for next year, when our day on Pythagoras in July may prove to be equally popular.'
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