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In the Library at the Westminster Quaker Meeting House · 8 Hop Gardens, Off St Martin’s Lane, London WC2N 4EH

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Weekly on Mondays:
10.30am Meditation Class (contact Colum for details).
12 noon service for humanity
1.30pm Meditation for London
1.45pm Reading of a White Eagle Teaching
2.15pm Contact Healing Service
3.00pm Absent Healing (Human and Animal Groups)
3.45pm Earth Healing service
5.45 pm Discussion and meditation on aspects of the teaching (Committee Room)

Weekly on Thursdays:

10.30am Meditation Class (contact Colum for details).
12 noon Sending out the Light
12.30pm Absent Healing groups
1.15pm Silent meditation
1.55pm Reading from a White Eagle Teaching
2.15pm Contact Healing Service (new patients please arrive by 1.45pm)
3.00pm Service of Attunement (new activity) plus Absent Healing group and tea break
3.45pm Community Discussion
5.00pm Earth Healing Service
5.30pm Community Service for Humanity
6.00pm Contact Healing Service (new patients please arrive by 5.30pm)
6.45pm Special Events (see below and calendar)


12.30 for 12.45pm second and fourth Saturdays: A Little Service of Peace

Special Events (see calendar for more details)

A White Eagle Summer School

London Activities
01 September 2020 - 04 September 2020
Fry Room, Westminster Quaker Meeting House, 8, Hop Gardens, off St Martin’s Lane, WC2N 4EH - St Martin's Ln, London, UK
07426 961393
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This wholly new venture has the title ‘Walking the Path – what the White Eagle teaching means for you and me’.

A path is a way of growing, and our course is intended as an opportunity to understand the teaching better. There will be plenty of moments to explore the teaching inwardly and to gain a feeling of walking the path.

Attendance is on a daily basis, 10.30 am to 4.30 pm. Cost is £75 for the full four-day course. Bring vegetarian packed lunch; coffee and tea available.


All Dates

  • From 01 September 2020 to 04 September 2020

Thoughts that Came Back to Me

Colum writes: One of the activities around which our work in the new London Lodge is built is a mid-afternoon discussion each Thursday. This has had different themes and taken different forms, but we are currently discovering that there is nothing more stimulating than slowly working through the very first White Eagle Inner Teachings ever given. ‘The very first’ actually date from 1936, the year the Lodge first opened, and sitting in a circle taking them one paragraph at a time they come alive for us in an extraordinary way. The effect is of enhancing our brotherhood work: we feel as though we are a group of equals, exploring and seeking to understand them together. Though they are 83 years old, they feel as though they have been given afresh: as though we were actually the live audience for whom they were designed.

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