White Eagle Calendar 2019

'The Gift of Healing'

White Eagle says: ‘There is no more beautiful nor effective work on the physical plane of life than healing. Healing of the body and healing of the soul...Individuals need to be healed, they need to be recharged with spiritual light, but more than this the light, the healing power, must also be sent forth to the souls of the world.’

The White Eagle teachings are rich with ways to be open to this soul healing for ourselves and to be healers for the world.

The sayings for each week and month are accompanied by beautiful photos using the healing colours.

Versatile...spiral-bound and with a cardboard backing, the calendar can be hung up or stood on a surface.The calendar makes a lovely present for those who know nothing of the White Eagle teaching.
18 pp Spiral-bound
235mm x 170mm
ISBN 978-085487-245-9
Reduced to £3.00