White Eagle Calendar 2021

'This Sacred Earth'

The natural world can be a place of immense comfort. Walking or just looking at nature we find tensions dissolve and we can retrurn to a feeling of equanimity.

Our calendar is not only a celebration of the physical aspects of nature, but of the spiritual qualities which, unperceived by many, allow us to return to ourselves, strengthened and nutured.

We recognise the brother/sisterhood of all life, and that our beautiful planet and many of its life forms are in need of healing. So as well as the White Eagle sayings, each month we hold a different area of the natural world in the light of the Star.

The sayings for each week and month are accompanied by beautiful photos.

Versatile...spiral-bound and with a cardboard backing, the calendar can be hung up or stood on a surface.The calendar makes a lovely present for those who know nothing of the White Eagle teaching.

18 pp Spiral-bound
235mm x 170mm
ISBN 978-085487-246-6

£3.00 incl. p&p UK ONLY
£5.00 incl. p&p overseas