Some General Remarks On The Year 2020

simon bentley white eagle astrology schoolPluto’s passage through Capricorn has continued to affect life profoundly at all levels, but on 2020 it takes on extra significance. In January Saturn conjoins Pluto for the first time since the early 80s; later in the year Jupiter does so too, although unlike the Saturn conjunction, the Jupiter one repeats. In some ways we can expect ‘more of the same’, but in others, there is a feeling of doors closing behind us and life inexorably pushing us forward, however much we may not be happy about it! It is already clear that important political developments will occur; their long-term results may be less obvious as yet. However things may seem, ‘fate’ plays a very large part through this massive conjunction in Capricorn and for us as individuals much will depend on whether or not we can adapt ourselves successfully to situations that will often be impossible for us to alter.

Saturn, while keeping close to Pluto during the year, makes a brief entry into Aquarius for a while in the spring before retrograding back into Capricorn, finally moving into Aquarius in the last couple of weeks of the year. It will be very strong in its effects, the more so with the proximity to Pluto. It does not hurry, so much patience will sometimes be required.

Neptune continues its passage through Pisces but is less prominent generally in 2020 – a good thing in some ways as it has been affording too many means of escape for those of us not willing to face facts! Uranus continues to move through the earlier part of Taurus, shaking up well-established institutions and disturbing financial norms.

Jupiter is in Capricorn for the whole year except the last few days, when it moves to join Saturn in the first degrees of Aquarius. Unlike the optimism of Jupiter in Sagittarius last year, this year will feel very different as Jupiter will tend to have to take a back seat to Saturn and Pluto. This year we shall see the results of our choices, decisions and actions in the preceding few years; whether this will be a happy or salutary experience depends on the individual situation. Like it or not, we shall have to come to terms with the way things go.