January - March 2021

marsr white eagle astrologyAt the beginning of the year Mars is still very prominent, astronomically as well as astrologically. Having been in its own sign of Aries for over six months, it at last moves into Taurus early in the month but then begins a whole new set of aspects with other planets. It joins Uranus in Taurus until early February; the two of them square Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. Economic disruption and the clash between the material and the ideal (see general remarks above) are almost inevitable. Although Mars moves on, the Uranian aspects remain. Later in February a harmonious link between Mars and Pluto gives opportunities to sort things out at a deep level, then in early March Mars moves on into Gemini; this should be somewhat less bumpy. One thing is common to its position in both Taurus and Gemini, though. Taurus rules the throat; Gemini is about communication, so we may have to learn lessons about being careful what we say (and write). This is always important, of course, but particularly so as the heavy pressure of the last year begins to let up a little.

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