January - March 2020

saturn white eagle astrologyplutor white eagle astrologyThe Saturn-Pluto conjunction (see above) is exact on 12 January; not only that, but it has the Sun and Mercury with it that day. It is no exaggeration to say that in some ways, this will usher in a new era of some kind for the world and as so often with Pluto there will be no going back. Of course, to some extent we have been feeling it coming for some time, so it is not likely to surprise us.

solareclipserfA solar eclipse on 26 December [2019] will also be having major effects in many areas, bringing about change and upheaval which in some ways may prove welcome – Jupiter conjoins the place of eclipse, which shows a number of opportunities hidden in the happenings which the eclipse triggers.

Mars and Jupiter conjoin Pluto towards the end of March which will raise a more optimistic note – there is quite a ‘can-do’ feel about this triple conjunction so let’s put it to good use if we can!

So, this three-month period requires patience, acceptance and adaptability to make the most of it. ‘Willing the Will of God’ is paramount – and also, combatting negative thinking and encouraging the positive wherever it may be found.

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