October - December 2020

marsr white eagle astrologyIn many ways, Mars is the most dominant planet during this period, despite (or maybe partly because of) being retrograde until mid-November. It is even dominant astronomically, as it is at one of its closest approaches to Earth in mid-October and will be very easily seen in the night sky for several months. It is also currently in its own sign of Aries and will not leave it until after new year. It is easy to think that with Mars so strong, much will happen, and in some ways it will. There will be a lot of energy around, but whether that will be useful or not depends on the situation. Bearing in mind the current very difficult global conditions, it seems to augur a time when tempers will fray, conflict will occur very easily and there will sometimes be a lot of anger, mainly caused by frustration!

Astrologically, this is not suprisingly indicated by inharmonious links between Mars and the planets in Capricorn. From October to mid-December at any time there will be at least one of these planets ‘being a plutor white eagle astrologynuisance’ to Mars and either hindering things (square from Saturn, first half of October, and from Pluto, until mid-December) or ‘encouraging’ unwise actions (from Jupiter, October and early November). The challenge, at heart, is to use the energies entirely selflessly, but of course that’s a tall order!

A solar eclipse on 14 December is likely to be disruptive, as eclipses often are; this one aspects Mercury (conjunction), Mars (trine), Uranus (sesquiquadrate) and Pluto (semisextile), so disruption is to be reagrded as the norm, or perhaps one should say, there is no norm! It will certainly shake things up, but as the effects of the much more stable Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at the beginning of Aquarius [on 21 December] begin to show, things will settle somewhat. At the end of the year it will probably only be relatively few of us who will be able to say truthfully that we are not very, very tired! But never mind, the new year will gradually bring some improvement…