October - December 2021

Sagittarius pink120Just when we might have thought that things were getting ‘easier’, it is becoming obvious as I write (late September) that they are not, and more challenges associated with covid and its reverberations are developing. The Saturn-Uranus square (yes, that again) is beginning to close again and will once more be exact around Christmas. Disruption (Uranus) at the material leveluranus white eagle astrology (in Taurus) necessitates the discipline and restrictions that Saturn brings, but there is also a silver lining to this: the sharing of a common challenge helps to bring people together – Saturn is in Aquarius – in the adversity that so many face. We have to be prepared to accept further frustrations as we begin to emerge from a very difficult couple of years. As I said for July-September, a combination of common sense and courage is the best way to face current circumstances, but also to think on our feet and react to things as they are rather than as we might wish them to be. A solar eclipse in Sagittarius in early December is harmoniously aspected by Saturn, which will help us to take a commonsense view coupled with some optimism.

jupiter white eagle lodge astrologyplutor white eagle astrologyA link between Jupiter and Pluto in the next couple of months also helps to bring some optimism or at least a deep-down conviction that while things are changing there is always an opportunity for improvement – the message is, if you don’t like the current ‘weather’, just wait, and sooner or later it will change.

Mars is moving steadily forward and from the beginning of November right through to early March will be occupying signs in which it is ‘comfortable’ and therefore strong. As it moves from aspect to aspect with the other planets it brings energy and enthusiasm, sometimes in the most unpromising of circumstances.