April - June 2020plutor white eagle astrology

How the world has changed since I wrote the last update for this page three months ago! What remains apparent, however, is the overriding – some might say ‘overwhelming’ – influence and significance of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. After the pandemic which is now our primary challenge, it truly will be the case that the world will never be the same again. As astrologers we know that this is typically Plutonic; add Saturn and its work becomes even more thorough. Very few people now expect that this will be over any time soon, and that is as well, as a quick resolution is very unlikely.

Capricorn green120Having said that, in all the attention being given to this conjunction we may forget to look for mitigating or harmonising factors. While we have to do our bit to mitigate and harmonise – ‘God helps those who help themselves’ – the opportunity to do this is now clearly shown by the addition of Jupiter to the conjunction; indeed as I write, in late March, Saturn has just moved out of Capricorn into Aquarius (though not yet permanently as it retrogrades back into Capricorn during the summer), slightly modifying the effects of the conjunction. Jupiter, meanwhile, helps to encourage faith and optimism, even if they are in short supply as yet. Owing to its own retrogradation period, Jupiter remains part of the Capricorn conjunction for several months.

This three-month period, April to June, will undoubtedly be very tough for everyone, but not without ‘light in the darkness’. We are already seeing how adversity brings out the best in many of us. This can only be a good thing, and if after all this we are all more compassionate, more tolerant, more helpful, more collaborative, so much the better.

A solar eclipse almost exactly at the June solstice suggests a definite change of tone from that point – things probably won’t change suddenly, but looking back later we may well feel that a corner was turned at that time.

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