April - June 2021marsr white eagle astrology

In the middle of April Mars aspects the Saturn-Uranus square; this will be quite a tense time. The square, around for most of the year (see general trends above), will be made more ‘acute’ by the Mars transits for a few days, and may be particularly noticeable internationally in matters pertaining to the European Union. It and the UK are more sensitive to the square than most, because of its position at this time. This tension will be noticeable again in the middle of May, but maybe not as strongly. There will be many of what a friend of mine terms ‘opportunities for growth’ during this period from April to June; they will likely involve situations where we have to remember that ’least said is soonest mended’, and that it is no good railing against what we cannot change; acceptance is key; economic challenges will need to be dealt with and any inclination to selfishness resisted.


solareclipserfAn eclipse of the Sun on 10 June exactly conjoins (retrograde) Mercury and is squared by Neptune, which taken together reads two ways: first, a time in which disappointment of some kind is likely, and second, a risk on the one hand of being very unrealistic and on the other a chance for a real ‘surrender’ to the greater wisdom of the Creator – idealistic perhaps, but none the worse for that!

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