July - September 2021

I suspect thatsaturnringsr white eagle astrology most of us will be thankful that the Saturn-Uranus square (see above) softens somewhat during this period, although we haven’t seen the last of it yet. However, there may be something of a false sense of security in certain respects during this period because of the gradual loosening of both the aspect and in the rules and regulations most of us are currently living with – the one reflects the other. It would be unwise to suppose, wherever in the world we happen to live, that rules and regulations will not return in some form. For all of us as individuals the watchword is undoubtedly ‘responsibility’. A combination of common sense and courage is the best way to face current circumstances, but also to think on our feet and react to things as they are rather than as we might wish them to be!

Following a briesaturn white eagle astrologyf excursion into Pisces, in late July Jupiter retrogrades back into Aquarius, where it will remain until almost the end of the year. This too suggests that optimism, while it is in itself always useful, will often need to be tempered with realism. There is no getting away from the fact that Saturn is the dominant planet in this period and will call upon us to be patient and sensible. However, this does not equate to ‘boring’!

Mars, while not a ‘major player’ at present, will stir things up a little in the latter part of July and again in late September. Psychologically, this will in many ways be a welcome stimulation even if it causes temporary problems.