July - September 2020

saturn white eagle astrologyFrom the beginning of July, Saturn, currently retrograde, is back in Capricorn with Jupiter and Pluto; the influence of this satellitium is likely to continue in a similar way with only gradual changes in e.g. the restrictive regulations we are labouring under and the general privations imposed by current global conditions. Jupiter indicates the slow lifting of restrictions, Saturn the setbacks and the slow speed of change to the restrictions, while Pluto continues its thorough transformation of our lives both globally and individually.

Cancer blue120However, the solar eclipse that occurred on 21 June, almost exactly on the solstice point, will have acted as a trigger for a change in conditions, however slowly that may come. Interestingly, the place of the eclipse is in exact aspect with Saturn. The aspect concerned is neither ‘hard’ nor ‘soft’, but indicates, significantly, things happening ‘by degrees’ and each step being measured. Whatever those in authority may decide to do, our opportunity from this is to learn to combine successfully an acceptance of the current situation with an optimistic attitude that can see future possibilities for improvement. Jupiter, not surprisingly, also has a hand in this. The eclipse, being at the beginning of Cancer, also symbolises a major inflow of the Divine Mother energy, that which encourages us to be caring and nurturing; in the midst of this challenging time it reminds us that ‘underneath us are the everlasting arms’.

Neptune, in its own sign of Pisces, harmoniously aspects Jupiter throughout this period, helping us to raise our consciousness above all the difficulties which beset us. It draws our attention to the importance of the spiritual aspects of life.

marsr white eagle astrologyMars entered its own sign of Aries at the end of June and will remain in that sign until early January owing to one of its biennial periods of retrogradation, which lasts from mid-September to mid-November. Having Mars in its own sign for all that time is in many ways a godsend, as it is encouraging and energising, although less so during retrogradation – during that period our energies will be directed more inwards to self-examination, such an important process at any time, but perhaps most of all now.