July - September 2019

uranus white eagle astrologyThe mutual aspects involving Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto persist (see general remarks above), with little change; none of these planets move very much during this period, likewise Uranus.

A lunar eclipse in the middle of July is closely configured with Pluto, so some definite and significant change may take place, both in national/political life and in the lives of individuals whose charts are touched by the configuration. For individuals, balance between the working and domestic sides of life may be particularly important (Moon/Pluto in Capricorn, Sun in Cancer).

marsr white eagle astrologyMars squares Uranus towards the middle of July; as they occupy Leo and Taurus respectively this may seem for a few days like the irresistible force meeting the immovable object, but it will pass! In late August Mars aspects Uranus from Virgo, a much more harmonious setup which makes it easier for them to work together – but they form a very strong-willed combination and need mature handling. For much of September, Mars in Virgo becomes integrated with the major configurations involving the other heavy planets. This will infuse quite a bit of energy into whatever is going on, again both collectively/nationally and personally, and can be constructive, but the opportunities this ‘pass’ of the major planets by Mars affords don’t last all that long, so we need to make the most of them. By the end of September Mars will have moved on, and a rather different picture develops thereafter.

Mercury is retrograde for much of July, and it may be well into August before any problems associated with this, such as those involving communication and transport difficulties, resolve themselves. Mars’ passage through Virgo (see previous paragraph) will be helpful; by the end of August Mercury is there too. Indeed, in late August/early September Mercury, Venus and Mars are all in Virgo at the same time, a very useful and commonsense sign for this grouping, in which Mercury plays the strongest role.