At New Lands Retreat Centre we hold a variety of retreats, residential courses and events throughout the year. Retreat information is given below. Use the calendar, or view our Retreats and Activities Brochure for 2020.

New Lands in MayRetreats and Weekends

We run retreats and weekend retreats at New Lands which are open to all. We also offer some open to members of the White Eagle Lodge.

All retreats are on specific themes relating to the White Eagle teachings.

Each retreat involves some time for discussion, for private contemplation or study, as well as daily guided meditation.

There is also the opportunity to take part in a distant healing service, to attend a contact healing service and to relax in the lovely house and grounds.


Retreats at New Lands 2020

'Astrology and the Five Great Laws'shutterstock 213825649 Converted

White Eagle School of Astrology Annual Gathering

Friday 15 to Monday 18 May (residents arrive on Friday evening andmay stay until Tuesday morning)

Inside the cover of every issue of Stella Polaris will be found printed the Principles of the White Eagle Lodge. These include the statement that life is governed by five spiritual laws: Reincarnation, Cause and Effect, Opportunity, Correspondences, Compensation. In our gathering this year we shall be studying the ways in which the operation of these laws may be perceived astrologically and how that leads to interpreting horoscopes in 'the White Eagle way’. We would particularly encourage students on our courses to attend; however, as always, everyone is welcome!

Cost: £60 per day full board, £45 B&B and £8 per meal.

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yellow star with rays not polaireA Teacher for the New Age?

Saturday 23 to Thursday 28 May led by Colum Hayward

White Eagle has sometimes intimated that to understand the teacher for the Aquarian Age we need to look at John, whom we primarilyidentify with the Gospel that carries his name, along with the book of Revelation. In this retreat, we look at what we would look for in a new teacher, and explore a vision of John and why White Eagle’s suggestions carry weight. In the process, we may understand more of White Eagle. Colum facilitates a retreat that is primarily intended to be a 'sharing'. Cost: £425   

footsteps clipped

'Walking in the Master's Footsteps'

Saturday 11 to Wednesday15 July a retreat led by Rozita Hansen

White Eagle says: 'The whole doctrine of Jesus is that of brotherhood and of the power of love. The two thousand years of the Piscean Age which have passed should be regarded as a period of preparation. In the age ahead, the Aquarian Age, humanity will be given the opportunities to put this teaching into action.’ In the light of White Eagle's interpretation we will explore the teachings of Jesus, and try to discover how we can use them in our everyday lives, so that we can put them into action with greater awareness. Cost: £340

souls harvest

'Exploring the Soul's Harvest'

Saturday 26 September to Thursday 1 October led by Anna Hayward.

Through meditation, reflection and discussion of the White Eagle teaching we will explore the nature of the physical in relation to the soul's path in our lifetimes. In the teaching we find reference to the akashic records, dreams, reincarnation, the purpose of the spiral of life and the nature of truth; understanding more about the profundity of our existence. Cost: £425.

(This retreat coincides with the Peace Day and Harvest Festival Service to which all are welcome)

The shining sea

'The Closeness of the Two Worlds'

Weekend Retreat Friday 13 to Monday 16 November led by Jeremy Hayward.

Join Jeremy in exploring how thin is the veil between the physical and the inner worlds. During this weekend we will share personal experiences and White Eagle's teaching and in the peace of New Lands chapel feel together how close are the two worlds.Cost: £255

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There are a variety of courses and events open to all throughout the year, including astrology, meditation and healing.

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