A Guide for Living with Death and Dying

by White Eagle

with commentary by Anna Hayward

This book is exceptional in that it contains a great deal of the White Eagle teaching on the subject of eternal life, yet it also looks at the actual experiences people have gone through, using their own accounts and how they have been counselled at the time. Subjects include: 'Where are they now?', 'At the moment of transition' and 'Courage'.

A Guide for Living with Death and Dying is a book of support for anyone approaching death, or caring for those who are dying.

205 +xix  pp flapped paperback
186 x 123 mm
ISBN 978-0-85487-169-8

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Review by Lesley Tarrant Belcourt

A multi-textual book, 'A Guide for Living with Death and Dying' includes not only the White Eagle teachings on the subject of death and dying, but lists practical suggestions for easing these last moments on earth - exercises, meditations and affirmations - and relates some uplifting first-hand experiences of those facing death, living with the terminally ill and coping with bereavement. Anna Hayward's connecting commentary provides a comforting blanket, as she uses her experience as a counsellor to reinforce White Eagle's words and to aid him in helping people overcome their "mad fear of death."

Anna Hayward shows how the White Eagle teachings enabled her to expand her awareness of the truth of eternal life. Divided into three parts: Life; Facing Death; Death and After, 'A Guide for Living with Death and Dying' is a book primarily about consciousness. As Anna writes in her introduction, "Death is a change in consciousness, rather than an end."

Part One of 'A Guide for Living with Death and Dying' sub headed 'Life,' is organised around the allegorical teachings on eternal life given by the Master Jesus. Learning to refine our physical bodies by becoming conscious of the spiritual light within, is the purpose of our lives on earth, says White Eagle. Meditation, prayer and contemplation raise our consciousness to the next level of life.

Part Two, entitled 'Facing Death,' devotes more space to practical aids for usefully channelling feelings of anger, fear, guilt and despair that the dying and their care-givers may experience. Anna tells us that non-resistance is a powerful healing tool, which links compatibly with White Eagle's advice of acceptance. She outlines some helpful exercises for "letting go," incorporating yoga breathing with meditation and affirmations.

Part Three, entitled 'Death and After' combines advice for those facing death and for those grieving the loss of a human or animal companion. Anna offers some practical suggestions for 'Sharing The Final Moments' and 'Letting Them Go.' Being present at the time someone makes their transition called death should be considered a privilege, writes Anna. It is a "mystic moment... an event that transcends all that has gone before - all the pain, anguish and despair." Anna advises that grievers need a "listening presence," someone to acknowledge their pain, allow them to talk and cry, and just be with them. Today we are aware that grieving is a natural process towards healing.."

White Eagle encourages the bereaved to "talk" to the one who has passed, as if they are still present in physical form. "Imagination is the doorway into our world." This creative power is "humanity's greatest gift." Anna sets out a step-by-step meditation using the seat of reunion, 'The White Seat', where the griever may sit and commune with the spirit of the departed. By visually creating this special place, the bereaved can return to this level of consciousness at any time.

'A Guide for Living with Death and Dying' is a wonderful self-help guide book that contains an essential message from the world of spirit: "Know that there is no death, no separation." It would make a welcome present for anyone experiencing any kind of emotional loss akin to bereavement - divorce, separation, job-loss, unexpected changes in location. The guidance offered in 'A Guide for Living with Death and Dying' is for everyone.