Beautiful Road Home

by White Eagle

White Eagle shows us how to live in joy rather than in fear. This inspiring book gives a broad view of the purpose of our life as we journey back to God. Simply written, it is an excellent introduction to White Eagle and his beautiful teachings.

84 + xii pp sewn paperback
186 x 123 mm
ISBN 978-0-85487-088-2

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Review by Lesley Tarrant Belcourt

Although this volume is designed to assist a newcomer to the life of the spirit, its wisdom speaks to all of us at every level. Its’ simple, yet profound, message is couched in White Eagle’s always-loving words, so that reading it through from cover to cover or picking it up and opening it at random his words reach the heart immediately, and the reader or browser is refreshed and uplifted.

White Eagle begins by affirming the pure spirit which is in every person and the absolute fact of the possibility, for all who wish it, of connection with the Divine Mind. The way, he tells us, is to truly serve our brothers and sisters on earth. The rest of the volume expands on this message with its inherent paradox: that the way to advance ourselves spiritually and find our true home is to forget ourselves in loving care for others. Looking from another angle, we may see that as we serve and take care of the needs of others, the Light, which is Love, dawns in our hearts, and we begin to find our way home.

As White Eagle opens up this way for us, he talks first about the importance of inner stillness, to allow divine will to become clear. He tells us that we can, indeed need to, be joyful as the dawn breaks and spiritual sunlight sheds its rays over our inner landscape. ‘The notion is introduced that our service to the world is not just in doing good things for others externally, but that our inner efforts towards peaceful, happy thoughts and reactions affect others in profound ways.

Further guidance includes the suggestion that we accept cheerfully everything that happens, since in reality we cannot lose anything at all. Self-pity, we are told, darkens our light. In the unseen world there are Elder Brethren who are working on our behalf constantly, so that we are never for a moment alone in our efforts. White Eagle stresses the importance of knowing that as human beings we are instruments for spiritual forces, and that death as we have understood it from a purely human point of view is non-existent, as rebirth is a fact. We return to earth to further our soul’s journey to eternal freedom, and even then some souls return of their own free will to help those of us still working our way to the Light.

As always, White Eagle is pointing the way, conveying as he does so his understanding of all our mortal trials, doubts, and frailty, contrasting these with the ineffable glory of our true home and the joy which is within our immediate reach. Like its’ title, this is a particularly beautiful book, and the perfect choice for a newcomer to White Eagle.