Eyes of the Spirit

by Colum Hayward

In this ground-breaking book, Colum Hayward invites the reader to follow him on a most revealing and transformative journey into the experience of working with a wise and loving spiritual teacher. With such subjects as sex and sexuality, creative thought and self-healing, this book gives a different perspective on what it is like to work with a spiritual teacher—pure magic.

160 + xvi pp paperback
216 x 138 mm
ISBN 978-0-85487-103-2

Review by Lesley Tarrant Belcourt

A slim paperback with a simple white cover, 'Eyes of the Spirit' holds an amazing wealth of knowledge in its eight chapters. Its author Colum Hayward, was raised from childhood in the spiritual teachings of White Eagle. 'Eyes of the Spirit' is a personal account of Colum's own transformative journey in learning to "live the message" that White Eagle gave humanity through Colum's grandmother, the well-known medium Grace Cooke (Minesta) in the 1930's. Colum acknowledges there is a "subtle counterpoint between what a teaching says, and how it can be lived out." Colum's interpretation of some of the White Eagle teaching helps us see how to move these teachings into our everyday lives.

Colum sees the Lodge having developed as "a human experiment in living the White Eagle teachings," for the concept of brotherhood central to this philosophy "could only be learned in practice." He is quick to point out, however, that anyone can follow these teachings without being associated with the Lodge, for White Eagle says "the ancient wisdom upon which the teachings are based manifests again and again in every great spiritual teaching the world has known“

"Seeing with eyes of the spirit," writes Colum, "acknowledges that we go of our own choice into a vast array of life-experience (including illness) for growth - and even for a greater cosmic purpose." Colum offers a practical chapter on meditation for beginners, reminding us that meditation is something most of us do unwittingly when we listen to the sounds of nature, smell a flower or sit and enjoy sunshine. They all have "an appreciation of the present." Meditation enhances the effect of this natural quality and demands we remain focused and uninterrupted. Central to 'Eyes of the Spirit' is the subject of personal identity: "Being in touch with oneself is the same as living absolutely in the present at any moment," writes Colum. We have become accustomed to associating love with self-sacrifice and putting the needs of others first, yet he reminds us we need to love and be equally tolerant of ourselves. Applying the spirit vision to everything and everyone brings positive change in our lives.

'Eyes of the Spirit' is not just an honest account of one man's journey, it is also an interesting history of the White Eagle Lodge. Chapters six and seven focus on the six principles of the Lodge, while the last chapter offers a profile of the Lodge and its work, illustrating convincingly that this is a worldwide family with interfaith connections, its membership stretching across the world, its books translated into over fifteen languages.

'Eyes of the Spirit' is a book that causes us to think and feel at the same time. For those new to the workings of the Lodge it is a fascinating reference book complete with index; for those attempting to put the White Eagle teachings into practice it provides a practical opportunity for growth. 'Eyes of the Spirit' offers us a new route to clearer vision.