First Steps on a Spiritual Path

White Eagle’s Introduction To The Inner Wisdom

A third edition of ‘Morning Light’

One of the best introductions to White Eagle's gentle and encouraging teaching. White Eagle says that this unfoldment comes naturally to every one of us, through experience in physical life, but that there is also a moment when our growth becomes conscious and we are able to make our lives easier by acquiring spiritual understanding. The subjects covered include miracles, the secret of perfect health, divine law, the Brotherhood of the Star, aspiration to the spiritual realm through meditation, the secret of health and radiant life, and a way of service in the world today.

64 pp flapped paperback
186 x 123 mm
ISBN 978-0-85487-162-9


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Review by Frances Rose

This book is subtitled ‘White Eagle’s introduction to the Inner Wisdom’ which makes it sound quite complex. However, this is a slim, ordered, simple book with a clear message – full of deep wisdom, yes – but also suitable for a beginner on the spiritual journey that White Eagle describes.

The book really does lead the reader ‘step by step’ through a spiritual introduction, beginning with the reassuring message that all human problems can be solved by contact with the Divine and progressing through the way in which this contact is made and the special mission each individual has on earth

Although a slender volume, this book is full of fascinating detail, exploring spirituality and religion, world teachers, and the spirit realms, as well as issues such as reincarnation, death , heaven and hell.

This is an ideal book for those with a serious interest in spiritual topics, but who are relative newcomers to spiritual study. I would recommend this as a good all-round introduction to the structure behind White Eagle’s philosophy.