Further Steps on a Spiritual Path

Wisdom from White Eagle

This revised and expanded book contains both new teaching and a 'Moment of Reflection' at the end of each chapter to provide a focal point for meditation, or contemplation.

Some of the subjects covered in this edition are:

  • Angelic Assistance
  • Healing with Thought
  • The Means to Reach Heaven
  • Karma and Opportunity
  • Expanding Vision

98 + vii pp flapped paperback
186 x 123 mm
ISBN 978-0-85487-170-4


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Review by Frances Rose

Previously published as ‘Wisdom from White Eagle’, this was one of the first White Eagle books I ever read and I found it compulsive reading. Although the title ‘Further steps..’ obviously would not recommend this book to a beginner, the comparatively deep spiritual issues it deals with are explained so clearly and with such a loving and friendly style that they remain accessible to all.

Following on from the introduction to spiritual matters presented in ‘First steps on a Spiritual Path’ this more complex book gives the reader plenty to think about and meditate on. Issues such as karma, reincarnation, dual souls, death and rebirth and developing your contact with spirit worlds are discussed in detail, with each section ending in a meditative ‘moment of reflection’ that I really enjoyed.

In my opinion, this is one of White Eagle’s most interesting and thought-provoking books.