Jesus Teacher and Healer

by White Eagle

An esoteric and mystical picture of the life and ministry of Jesus. Jesus is a person who lived a life not unlike our own, but is also the perfect manifestation of the Christ spirit alive within each one of us. White Eagle brings a vision of the great healer and teacher whose simple love has been a universal inspiration—not only to those who work within the Christian tradition. This book is also a useful source of readings for services and for meditation.

156 + xx pp flapped paperback
186 x 123 mm
ISBN 978-0-85487-122-3

Review by Lesley Tarrant Belcourt

We live in a society dominated by literalist interpretations of religious Scriptures. There is always someone telling us “what the Bible says,” - but like all good literature, the Bible can be read at many levels. ‘Jesus Teacher and Healer’ gives a new interpretation or view of Jesus, offering us the esoteric or secret meanings of many of his parables and sayings, the significance of the miracles and a reinterpretation of traditional Christian teachings, including the true meaning of Holy Communion, bringing us a wider vision of Jesus, the healer and teacher, and of his mission. That the Christ Light “has manifested in degree to other teachers” may be a new concept for many newcomers to the teachings of White Eagle, who makes a clear distinction between Jesus, the great Master, “the pure soul,” and the Christ, the Golden One “that greater light which is not limited to one human being.”

White Eagle tells us to ponder on the teachings of Jesus, perhaps read some of his sayings as a meditation. He emphasizes that Jesus had a special mission to bring love to the earth. At the time of his crucifixion, which was an initiation, “There was a flooding of the whole earth with light… a baptism of the whole earth, the soul of the world, with Christ light.” A chapter is devoted to Jesus, “the Master at the head of the healing ray,” as healer. White Eagle explains how sickness is related to “lacking the light” which he describes as “the bread of life.” True healers raise the vibrations of those around them, becoming “amplifiers of that great light of Christ”

A thought-provoking book for all interested in spiritual matters, ‘Jesus Teacher and Healer’ challenges us to escape the boundaries of traditional thinking and look with deeper vision at truth as revealed through Jesus, the Christ in human form.