Living with Love

by White Eagle

previously Golden Harvest

In order to cope with the busy pace of life today we are increasingly drawn to a way of living which enables us to turn within, to find truth and real values. The teaching in this book offers a philosophy of life which acknowledges that it is love which makes everything work! Not the earthly emotion, as such, but a divine force which is the creative power of the universe as well as the way to happiness in each human heart.

76 pp paperback
184 x 123 mm
ISBN 978-0-85487-186-5

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Review by Theresa Belter

Living with Love is the new edition of the White Eagle classic, ‘Golden Harvest’- first published in 1958 and much loved by spiritual seekers worldwide, providing simple and comforting spiritual inspiration on the path to God.

In a simple yet powerful way, Living with Love unfolds age-old truths that are key to the path of spiritual development. The material masterfully explains the three aspects of our ‘selves’, the outer body, the soul personality, and the centre of “I”, and shows how one can step closer to union with Spirit through initiations or soul tests. It highlights the importance of love in allowing one to reconnect to the world. It is hoped that those reading this book might “find and practice an eternal peace in a changing world.”

Divided into six chapters that build on each other, we are led to realize that once we go beyond ourselves as mere physical beings experiencing life alone, to connecting to a larger Brotherhood of Light and Love, we achieve a level of peace previously unknown to us. White Eagle helps us to move from seeking outside ourselves to moving within. By surrendering, our problems to the Christ Light within, we can connect with the ‘serene’ peace and truth that resides in that still place. The challenge for us on this earthly path is to find the “real ‘I’ beneath the heavy coats of flesh and mind”. As we do this, the outer dissolves and we become aware of ourselves as truly, at-one with a God of exquisite love and joy. The condition of our heart will be expressed in our thoughts and likewise take physical form in our life. Through prayer, love and adoration we can rise above the chaos and disappointments of the world and live from the “heart of the golden Sun of God” as our source of spiritual strength.

This book covers a lot of ground in a short number of pages. I believe it will become a favourite read, as I am sure it already has been for those who first picked it up thirty years ago. It is ideal for those embarking on a spiritual path.