by Grace Cooke

with White Eagle’s Guidance

Learn about a safe method of meditation and spiritual unfoldment that can be practised alone or in groups. The White Eagle way of meditation taught in this book is a gentle 'western' method, but owing much to the ways of the East.

A White Eagle Classic

187 + x pp line drawings paperback
186 x 123 mm
ISBN 978-0-85487-110-0


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Review by Maryanne Morrice

This classic guide, aimed at beginners in the art of meditation, was originally published in 1955 and has remained popular ever since. The book is divided into two parts. The first part consists of both information about meditation and a practical "how to" guide to meditation. The second part consists of meditations on different themes, intertwined with valuable information imparted by White Eagle.

As well as the more practical aspects of meditation, the author suggests some guidelines about meditation. The motives of the aspirant regarding meditation should always be selfless and good. One must be willing to sacrifice the lower self in order to grow spiritually. One must also learn to balance one's physical and mental lives. As Grace Cooke says in the book, "The way is simple, but hard." Remember, the degree to which we aspire to God is reflected in our own lives and those around us.

The concept of creative imagination or visualization is emphasized in the book. Without using creative imagination, one can still achieve a sense of peace through meditation. With imagination or visualization, the practice of meditation becomes rich in possibility, for we create our lives as we picture them. As White Eagle says, "May you patiently pursue your path; you will surely get there and you will know the joy of life, for the mists will clear and happiness will be your crown."

'Meditation' is a practical and inspiring book, a spiritual classic, and a must-have for anyone on a spiritual path, or simply wanting to find some peace within through the practice of meditation.