Memories of Reincarnation

by Grace Cooke

formerly 'The Illumined Ones'
A companion volume for 'White Eagle on Reincarnation'

This is a truly fascinating book which gives an unfolding picture of brotherhood down the ages.

  • Discover more about who White Eagle really is
  • Learn what it was like to live in Egypt when White Eagle was the High Priest Isra
  • Go back 10,000 years to a life of harmony and beauty in the Andes when White Eagle was the great leader and Chief Hah Wah Tah
  • Be inspired by the unfolding vision of brotherhood down the ages
126 pp flapped paperback
198 x 132 mm
ISBN 978-0-85487-172-8


Review by Lesley Tarrant Belcourt

A vivid portrayal of previous lives in ancient civilisations, this book combines a deep spiritual insight and wisdom with a series of highly readable and entertaining stories that will appeal to a range of readers and age groups.

An essential read for anyone who has an interest in life after death and reincarnation, this book tells the story of famous medium Grace Cooke’s previous lives with her guide, White Eagle in his various physical incarnations.

The reader gets a fascinating insight into the process of reincarnation through Grace Cooke’s different lives in ancient civilisations, as her evocative prose leads the reader into life in the Andes with the Mayas, life in Ancient Egypt, and life with White Eagle as a Native American.

Previously published as ‘The Illumined Ones’, this edition comes with an interesting Preface by White Eagle Lodge Mother, Jenny Dent, and an all-new companion volume of White Eagle’s teachings about past lives, ‘White Eagle on Reincarnation’.