Seeking Serenity

by White Eagle

This book is divided into six sections that work progressively towards achieving our ultimate goal: happiness. White Eagle reassures us that we are not alone, and that nothing in our lives can ultimately go wrong or astray. He helps us to find the inner power and strength that we all possess, through raising our consciousness to the light. This is a book that will empower and reassure; it directly addresses the challenges of our lives in this modern age.

80 pp paperback
197 x 129 mm
ISBN 978-0-85487-184-1

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Review by Lesley Tarrant Belcourt

One of the most popular books of White Eagle’s teaching, ‘Seeking Serenity’ is modern and right up to date, yet it remains classic White Eagle at his best. It is both essential reading for long-time fans and an ideal introduction for those newly discovering White Eagle and his friendly, reassuring style.

In ’Seeking Serenity’, White Eagle’s teachings are aimed directly towards the issues of our modern society. This is a book for everyone; giving very practical advice to those who have found their lives hectic, who have felt the pace of modern existence to be hurtling them forwards too fast, who have felt battered by emotions or have experienced stress. This book is White Eagle for a modern age, helping us to get back to the true peace at the heart of life.

The central message of the book helps the reader to find freedom from fear, through inner calm and personal contact with spirit. The state of our lives, the state of the world, and the plan for humanity are all considered in White Eagle’s wonderfully helpful, warm and friendly way, making the book a most uplifting and cheering one. It is also easy to read and possible to ‘dip into’ as a daily focus for meditation or thought.

I would recommend this book to literally anyone. It is ideal for beginners and newcomers to spiritual teaching. It is essential reading to all White Eagle’s many fans, and it would provide an easy and thoughtful gift.