The Book of Star Light

by White Eagle

Now is the moment to change your life! Now is the time to change the world! How does change occur? It occurs every time you centre yourself upon a symbol of perfection. One symbol of perfection is the powerful equal-sided, six-pointed Star. The very thought of this ancient symbol can inspire balance, poise, harmony, peace and health.

119 + ix pp hardback
155 x 105 mm
ISBN 978-0-85487-118-6

Review by Frances Rose

A beautifully presented book of White Eagle sayings, all focused on the symbol of the Star. I really love its subtle and calming colours as well as the meditative designs inside – it manages to combine a really luxurious appearance with a selection of thoughtful and inspiring text.

The Star symbol is a powerful one that transcends all religions and faiths, and speaks to the heart. Using the power of the Star in our everyday lives enables us to transform our day to day experience. This book contains sayings, affirmations and meditations to draw the reader under the Star.

A bedside book, a beautiful book, a book to keep and cherish...this would be a lovely book to dip into for daily inspiration or meditation, and also a good book to give to a non-religious friend or spiritual newcomer.